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Sunday, 24 July 2011 22:25

Petco Membership workshops are opening doorways to greener pastures

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Contact Details Name : Cheri Scholtz Company : Petco Phone :021 788 9954 / 083 651 4313 Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL : The first ever PETCO member workshop, “Logo Power – Maximising the Marketing Value of your PETCO Membership” took place in Cape Town and Johannesburg during July 2009. Since then, two further workshops, “Green Goal 2010” on the environmental initiative for the FIFA World Cup™ and “Design for Recycling” were held in both cities. The feedback and excitement from members at the workshops was tangible, and these are the first of many more workshops to follow in 2010.
The “Green Goal 2010” Workshop reviewed what the host cities are putting in place for the 2010 World Cup™ and how packaging companies and brand owners could be involved in reducing waste and increasing recycling efforts during the event. The objectives of the “Design for Recycling” Workshop were to encourage plastics packaging designers to have a better understanding of the environmental implications of design decisions thus promoting good environmental practices. Climate change and sustainable development are two of the biggest issues facing society today. It is therefore increasingly important for companies to reduce the environmental impacts of products and services through their whole life cycle. Companies failing to address environmental performance in product design and development will find it increasingly difficult to compete in the global market.

Packaging should be designed to satisfy technical, consumer and customer needs in a way that minimises environmental impact. This means, that amongst other things, packaging should be designed to use the minimum amount of resources for purpose and once it has completed its job, the scope for recovery maximised.

The “Design for Recycling” Workshop tried to answer in a pragmatic way many of the immediate questions for designers and specifiers of plastic packaging. PETCO has undertaken to put in place “Design for Recycling Guidelines” so that PET plastic packaging does not cause recycling issues. To view the “Design for Recycling” presentation visit


Petco Membership workshops are opening doorways to greener pastures

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