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Sunday, 24 July 2011 22:25

Job creation and business development increase on KZN north coast

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2010 promises to be an exciting year for the communities of the KZN North Coast. The multi-billion Rand extension to Imbonini Park, the biggest serviced commercial and industrial development node outside of the New Durban International Airport, promises to unlock billions in new buildings and the creation of thousands of jobs.
With the necessary Provincial and Municipal Authorities clearances now obtained, the Developers are ready to begin the multi billion Rand extension to the existing Imbonini Park. Phase 2 will be 77 ha of prime property overlooking the N2 and R102, just North of Ballito.

Paul Izzard, a director of Imbonini (Pty) Ltd, the owner of the land says, “We expect to break ground early in the New Year. We will bring some big sites to the market, which will be perfect for any business needing warehouse and distribution centers close to the airport.”

Director of Amber Dawn Developments, the company which holds the management contract for Imbonini Park, Kerry Quinn, said: “We have our environmental approval in hand and, with the rezoning application approved in principle, we will soon be able to start marketing the sites in Phase 2. This is a fantastic milestone on a long, but fruitful, journey.”

The approval for Phase 2 of Imbonini Park has seen most of the few remaining sites in Phase 1 being snapped up. About R200 million in land costs, buildings and civil engineering has been invested in Imbonini Phase 1 - 17ha of platform area. There are only a few serviced sites left for sale, ranging in size from 1,600 m2 to 20,000m2.

Phase 2 of Imbonini Park (another 450,000m2 of industrial platform area) will unlock massive platforms of between 10 000m2 and 80 000m2.

“This is hugely exciting for us,” says Izzard, “Now we will have space for the bigger guys needing warehousing and distribution centres in this area. We are expecting to get some business from companies located at the airport.”
Izzard said in anticipation of the work opportunities (roads will be widened and a bridge constructed over the railway line) Imbonini had set up a corporate social responsibility programme to draw on locals for construction jobs.

“This is going to become huge economic generator. The little township of Shakas Head is home to about 8000 people. I think 1000 of them have jobs at the moment.”

Another stimulus to the local economy will be a 10ha residential development within Imbonini Park Phase 2 consisting of up to 650 units, set apart from the light industrial sites by large indigenous conservation areas. Izzard said Imbonini (Pty) Ltd was now among the largest industrial landowners on the North Coast, in the vicinity of the new airport.

“This is a great opportunity to shape the commercial and industrial landscape in the northern development corridor and to give businesses that want to locate there, a foot in the door through our launch prices, which will start at R690/m2 for bulk sales. That is a third of what land prices are in other industrial areas.”

Imbonini Park is 30kms on the freeway from Gateway shopping centre. Exactly half way along that route is the new interchange servicing the King Shaka International Airport.

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