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Monday, 19 October 2009 14:08


{pp}South African mohair sock manufacturer Cape Mohair has developed a unique new range of socks designed to provide diabetics with extreme chaff protection and ultimate foot comfort.

The company has just received its 21st export order to the UK, where it has established itself as a product leader and plans are well-advanced to expand the so-called Medi Sock into the USA and European markets. According to Neil McCleland at Cape Mohair, the export potential for the Medi-Sock range is “very substantial”, and could lead to the consumption of an additional 30 tons of mohair per year, from the world’s leading producer of this natural fibre.

It is estimated that there are some 300 million diabetes sufferers in the world so when Cape Mohair developed a sock that would greatly assist in alleviating some of that suffering, diabetics around the world now have a natural fibre solution to help protect their feet.

Diabetes SA has endorsed the sock with Martin Prinsloo, chairman of Diabetes South Africa, explaining that it offers extreme comfort and peace of mind to diabetics, who, by the nature of diabetes, have to take particular care of their feet. “It’s our considered opinion that the sock is the best sock available in the world for diabetics and we recommend its use to all diabetics without reservation.”
The Eastern Cape, considered to be the Mohair capital of the world with close to 80 percent of all mohair production emanating from the region, will host the world’s first International Mohair Summit in November.

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