Monday, 19 October 2009

Turning the ordinary into gold

{pp}Alchemy Consulting provides holistic and tailored business solutions and tools to support business in identifying and implementing their strategies. Their highly experienced team of consultants specialise in strategy facilitation, project management, executive coaching and personal executive consulting.

The consultants at Alchemy specialise collectively in the fields of organizational development, project management, strategic planning management and execution, personal mastery and branding, negotiation, sales and sales management, performance management, team building, executive coaching, mentoring, and change management and leadership. Their team has over 100 years of business experience collectively, making them expert and highly skilled.

"Our services as business consultants do not only seek to provide business solutions which have short term results. We seek to empower individuals and businesses for continued growth and prosperity" says Derek Pead, managing executive at Alchemy. "Through empowering people in business, they are able to reap continued rewards for their company."

Facilitation sessions assist in determining the strategic issues and opportunities facing the business. This is carried over into action planning, project initiation workshops and project management. Coaching sessions are conducted by skilled and highly-qualified professional coaches, resulting in the client's improved performance as well as the ability to self-correct or self-generate when faced with other challenges.

Alchemy's experienced business professionals act as sounding boards during personal consulting for executives and senior management. Personal consulting sessions address specific and topical business issues facing the client, such as negotiation strategies, critical presentations, restructuring initiatives and many others.

These services ultimately empower individuals and the companies that employ them. A business is only as strong as its workforce. Just as alchemists turned metal into gold, Alchemy Consulting transforms work forces and companies from average to exceptional.

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Alchemy Consulting is a business consulting service in South Africa that offers services such as strategy facilitation, project management, executive coaching and personal consulting to businesses of all sizes.