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Wednesday, 14 October 2009 15:42

Farming Giant, Kanhym takes on Franchise Deli Industry

{pp}Kanhym, the giant in farming, recently took on the world of retail and franchising by opening the doors of its first-of-its-kind fresh meat deli franchise, in Gift Acres, Pretoria.

What better brand than Kanhym to offer franchises to the discerning food-lovers market; the company knows more about producing quality meat than most and can now provide an uncompromised farm-to-fork supply chain.

“Over the past few years Kanhym has allowed independent retailers to use the Kanhym brands in their outlets. Unfortunately many of these retailers did not share Kanhym’s passion for excellence and quality products, resulting in damage to the brand,” remarks Kanhym’s Franchise Champion Philip Smith, who continues explaining, “To ensure that customers enjoy its meat products fully Kanhym decided to expand its retail footprint using the franchise mechanism; bringing committed and motivated owner-operators into the business.”

Kanhym’s background is an impressive one and spans seven decades of developments and changes. From the earliest days of the Kahn and Hyman families, the company has, over the years, moved into the corporate sector, to Gencor, Malbak and Foodcorp. Then, in 2001 the staff of Kanhym became the proud owners of the company and, in 2007, a major milestone was reached when Zambli, a black-owned consortium, bought a substantial block of Kanhym’s shares, elevating the companies to BEE status.

Kanhym farming activities take place on 9 459 ha south of Middelburg and is further enhanced by five outlying properties. It is Kanhym’s business philosophy to reduce its financial risk through a programme of diversification but still retain the benefit inherent to the economy of scale. Therefore Kanhym has four main production divisions supported by the necessary specialised service departments. Kanhym focuses firstly on animal feeds and then on beef, lamb, and pork, in the retail arena. Selling pig breeding animals is also one of the cornerstone activities of Kanhym. World class genetics for the Kanhym Piggery Division is sourced from PIC of the UK, where research is lately focused mainly on improving meat quality. Kanhym therefore breeds superior animals using unequalled food safety standards, providing the market with “designer” meats – Tenderlicious® beef, Slenderlicious® pork and Leanerlicious® lamb – that are free of antibiotics and any other harmful substances. Guarantees for this are monitored by SAMIC.

This method of farming meat puts Kanhym in a unique position to serve the needs of today’s discerning consumers; and the quality assurances, combined with the company’s total commitment to customer service have created a hugely successful formula as a franchise model. There are three different store concepts: the Kanhym Fresh Meat Deli, which is a large butchery/deli, incorporating a walk-in cold-room and freezer facilities, as well as the butchery section and the sales floor area. “A large proportion of the meat products are delivered from the Kanhym Farm in a pre-packed state, ready for the display fridges. However, Kanhym also supplies some meat carcasses to the Deli in order that they can be cut and prepared to the customers requirements,” explains Smith.

This larger store also stocks a wide range of complementary sauces, spices, rubs, condiments and deli-style products. To top this, the Fresh Meat deli also has a Chef/Customer Advisor on hand to advise customers on special cuts of meat, how to prepare them, plus also provide them with samples of the wide variety of products on offer. Then there’s the smaller Fresh Meat Deli outlet, which focuses on a wide range of pre-packed fresh meat products, with a smaller range of complementary products; and, finally, for the numerous biltong-loving consumers, Kanhym has designed a small Biltong Deli outlet, selling a range of top quality biltong, droe wors and related products, all supplied by Kanhym.

The three different models provide potential franchisees with not only a unique opportunity to own a first-class deli, selling excellent, quality-controlled products but also the option to purchase a franchise that suits their needs and budget. “Kanhym offers potential franchisees the opportunity to own and operate their own Kanhym Deli, and will, at the same time, provide support by finding a suitable location for the Deli, as well as designing and building the Deli. They will also receive training and support from Kanhym relating to all aspects of managing and marketing, both prior to opening and on an ongoing basis thereafter,” says Smith. He also explains that at Kanhym they are just as discerning when it comes to choosing the right franchisee, as they are about attracting a discerning consumer: “Kanhym aims to recruit franchisees who have a passion for food and a desire to be owner-operators. Our products are top of the range in terms of quality and we are want people who have a similar drive and commitment to providing customers with quality meat and the best customer service possible.”

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