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Thursday, 16 July 2009 12:44

South African e-commerce leader expands online marketplace

{pp}Multiple SA e-commerce award winners,, have opened their marketplace to multiple retailers and launched the eDreams Merchant Programme (eMP). eMP allows anyone who sells a product to take advantage of the established eDreams multi-channel sales strategy, customer reach, payment security and logistic infrastructure.

Being a member of the eMP functions as an addition to any existing bricks and mortar operation. Being able to sell through a secure and experienced online network means that a retailer can now process online sales that previously may have been lost.

In basic terms, the eMP model acts as a one-stop virtual shopping centre while eMP members then run a store within the centre. Zane Zietsman MD of eDreams explains, “eMP gives retailers the opportunity to sell their inventory to our marketplace. Many online retailers, with great products to sell, have had to close their doors due to poor sales and rising costs. By opening up our established marketplace to other vendors it gives eDreams the opportunity to expand our product offering, while giving retailers better online exposure of their products for less hassle and cost.”

In addition to the conventional EFT and Credit Card payment options, being a member of eMP means that retailers’ products will also be exposed to many of the bigger loyalty networks. Members of eMP are charged a monthly listing fee and a sales commission fee on products that are sold.

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