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Vuka Group signs collaboration deals with Smarter Mobility Africa and Kinetic Events

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After weathering the storm in the events and exhibition industry over the past eighteen months due to the global pandemic and pivoting its portfolio to emerge re-branded, Vuka Group has signed two collaborative deals with Smarter Mobility Africa and Kinetic Events to strengthen their industry foothold.

“We, as Vuka Group, have launched a collaborative approach to assist our industry to fully recover from the global pandemic,” explains Vuka Group CEO, David Ashdown. “We are very excited to add to our industry portfolios and feel this will be an exciting learning curve for the group. As Vuka Group, we can look at our organisation as a ‘machine’ that other complimentary businesses will be able to partner with to grow their portfolios, whilst building shared intellectual property. We are thrilled to work with these amazing individuals.”

Smarter Mobility Africa which was envisioned to inspire and transform smart- mobility across the African continent, launched their first event in 2019 with the South African National Department of Transport and Gauteng Provincial Departments for Roads and Transport as key strategic government partners.

“We are incredibly excited to have partnered with Vuka Group, as this means that we will be able to take what we have built as a small start-up mission driven company to new levels due to the size and scale of Vuka Group,” explains Smarter Mobility Africa founder, Ben Pullen. “Over the past few years, we have been able to achieve incredible milestones with our small team, dedicated partners and limited resources. Partnering with Vuka Group will allow us to grow and achieve our mission of inspiring and transforming mobility across the continent, accelerating the transition towards smarter, accessible mobility for all."

The 2021 Smarter Mobility Africa event which ran in Gauteng last week, saw 121 in-person delegates and over 500 virtual delegates in attendance. In April 2022, they will once again run their world famous Electric Vehicle Road Trip Africa (EVRT Africa) which is an on-the-road activation across the whole of South Africa, engaging with key stakeholders and media about the future of electric mobility on the continent. 

Kinetic Events, an international business-to-business conference and exhibitions producer, has established itself as a key strategic information provider to the Retail sector, with a mission to equip senior management executives with knowledge, market intelligence and viable commercial opportunities. Over the past decade, they have produced and facilitated the end-to-end management and content creation of over 150 conferences and exhibitions spanning three continents and eight countries, which include two of Africa’s foremost shows on the Customer Experience (CX) and eCommerce calendars, which are the largest gatherings of their kind respectively. 

“This collaboration with Vuka Group will allow us to scale our Customer Experience and eCommerce shows utilising the marketing and operational resources offered with the partnership,” says Kinetic Events MD, Terry Southam. “Vuka Group has gained an exciting new retail portfolio which includes 4 events and an on-demand educational content platform which fits right in with their established and successful media business.”

David Ashdown goes on to comment, “These working collaboration projects are well-aligned to complement our approach and existing industry sector exposure. The portfolio extensions fit our model of delivering a series of in-person and digital touch points to keep people and organisations connected to information and each other. We believe the Retail and Smart Mobility & Transport portfolios are primed to scale quickly as recognised and valued connectors within their fields of activity.”

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Vuka Group is the new industry facing brand name for Clarion Events Africa. Vuka Group brings together people and organisations to connect with information and to each other. With >20yrs experience in Africa, the group serves the Energy, Mining, Smart Mobility & Transport and Retail sectors, through a range of industry touch points across digital, print and in-person platforms. With a commitment to data at its core the group is well positioned to support industry stakeholders today and into the future. Operating from Cape Town, South Africa the group is actively involved in projects across continental Africa and boasts a diverse African team who take great pride in the work they do for the sectors and markets they serve.

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