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The Importance of a Corporate Uniform for Companies

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The Importance of a Corporate Uniform for Companies

Corporate wear not only creates a professional image for your company but also impacts company morale and confidence by creating an attitude of professionalism, confidence and positivity. A corporate uniform enhances a company’s brand by implying that, through homogeneousness, your clients will receive the same professional and consistent service from every employee and department in the business.

As business becomes more competitive due to social-economic factors and marketing initiatives, it is essential to stand out. Stylish, corporate wear encompassing both men's and ladies uniforms will not only add value to your corporate brand but benefit your company and employees in other ways.

Corporate Uniform Benefits for Companies

Increased sales
Employees who look good will feel confident, have increased morale and act confidently with your clients, improving their chances of securing more deals.

  • Increased productivity
    When employees don’t have to worry about how they look, they can concentrate on their work. Also, comfortable work clothing eliminates the distraction of hot, ill-fitting outfits.
  • Boost professionalism
    Dress code policies can be adhered to more efficiently as a corporate uniform eliminates the need to address employees inappropriate workwear, such as torn jeans or low-cut blouses.

Corporate Uniform Benefits for Employees

  • Save money
    A corporate uniform for men and women saves employees money and prevents them from having two wardrobes – one for work and one for home/social reasons.
  • Save time
    Although men may find it easier to choose a business casual outfit for work quickly, it can be more time consuming for women to choose a ladies office wear outfit. Having a corporate uniform removes the headache of deciding what to wear to the office every day.
  • Remove social barriers
    Many employees feel a sense of inferiority, affecting their interaction with their colleagues, their teamwork and productivity. A sense of belonging and pride is instilled in employees who wear a corporate uniform, creating a team dynamic in the process and removing social barriers. Employees who cannot afford smart, expensive office wear no longer feel embarrassed about their office clothing.

Imagemakers Corporate Wear understands the benefits of a corporate uniform and has designed and manufactured coordinated corporate wear collections that project style and professionalism since 1982. This family business is proudly South African and supplies corporate office wear to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Imagemakers has a dedicated design centre with full-time designers and pattern-graders. It also has three factories that manufacture their high-quality, contemporary collections for companies within the following sectors;

  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Hospitals and Healthcare
  • Mining Sector
  • Motor Dealerships
  • Educational Facilities
  • Security Sector
  • Travel and Tourism, among many others.

To discuss your company’s corporate uniform requirements, call them on 086 136 6011 or email Imagemakers to order a free corporate wear catalogue.

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