Wednesday, 14 July 2021

CMTrading continues its webinars for aspiring traders

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CMTrading continues its webinars for aspiring traders

CMTrading, Africa’s largest online broker and a leader in the international markets, continues its series of free trading webinars to guide aspiring traders through the basics of online trading.

CMTrading has made great strides in providing South Africa and other countries around the world with an effective trading platform and proven methodologies that make trading a viable earning option. In a time when employment is hard to find and many are seeking ways of generating additional income, CMTrading, is providing an opportunity for anyone who is interested to learn from the experts.

Daniel Kibel, Co-Founder of CMTrading says, “We believe trading is for everyone and as such are hosting seminars in South Africa and Nigeria to uplift and guide potential traders. Dozens of traders have already taken the first step towards making their dream a reality by attending our seminars. This is your chance; you have nothing to lose and yet everything to gain!”

The seminars will offer attendees a unique opportunity to: 

  • Learn the basics of trading from experts. 
  • Explore the financial markets through an award-winning trading platform. 
  • Discover advanced features such as Live Trading Signals and Copykat. 
  • Learn from acclaimed industry experts.
  • Beginner, intermediate & advanced level training.
  • Gain unique insights into top trading strategies.
  • Participate in a live trading session in action.
  • Discover risk management, complex trading and more.
  • Q&A session with trading specialists.
  • Network with other traders. 

CMTrading’s webinars are an ideal starting point for those would like to become a traders but don’t know where to begin. Beginners and experienced traders alike will learn unique trading strategies, acquire new skills and gain access to personal advice from experts in the field. 

Details of the webinars are as follows:  

  • Webinars can be booked online
  • Attendance is free but attendees must register in advance
  • The theme of the events is: Forex Wealth Creation Seminar
  • Topics include How to make money from Forex with zero experience, How to make active and passive income by partnering with CMTrading, Session with a team of expert Forex Traders 

CMTrading is an established online trading platform that educates traders of all experience levels about proven trading methods, providing an entry into the world of forex and commodities trading. The Broker’s Partner Programme also provides opportunities for BRs (Business Referrers) to earn an income by referring potential traders to the platform. 

To start your journey with CMTrading as a Business Referrer, visit And to find out more about trading online, visit