Tuesday, 01 December 2020

SAFPS offers key protection in consumer risk landscape

Written by
Manie Van Schalkwyk, CEO Southern African Fraud Prevention Service

Following from the Experian data breach in August, ABSA – one of South Africa’s Big Five Banks – has experienced its own data leak as reports indicate that an ABSA employee leaked the details of customers to third parties. Reports further point out that the devices responsible for the leak have been seized, that investigations are ongoing and that the leak impacts a small portion of Absa South Africa’s customer base. “Both the Experian and ABSA data leaks highlight the need for the public to not only be aware of their digital footprint, but to take active steps to prevent themselves from becoming victims of fraud,” says Manie van Schalkwyk, CEO of the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS). It is vital that every South African knows that they can turn to the SAFPS for free protection against fraud. The SAFPS offer several services that can serve as a vital shield for consumers.

Protective Registration

Van Schalkwyk urges the public to visit www.safps.org.za and register to protect your identity against identity fraud. One of the most important services, and the core of SAFPS’ service offering, is Protective Registration. Protective Registration is a free service protecting individuals against future fraud. Consumers apply for this service and the SAFPS alerts its members to take additional care when dealing with that individual’s details. Protective Registration provides an added layer of protection and peace of mind regardless of whether the identity of the applicant has been compromised. “If a member of the public wants to become proactive in the fight against fraud, the SAFPS is there to serve them. Visit our website on www.safps.org.za.  Click on the fraud prevention tab and protect yourself against identity theft with Protective Registration.  For best results, use your smart phone to go to our website.  Once you have uploaded key pieces of information, you will add another layer of protection against potential ID fraud,” says Van Schalkwyk.

Victim Fraud Registration

Consumers who fell victim of identity theft, can contact the credit provider who listed them as a fraudster and let the company investigate this fraud.  If the consumers are not getting any joy from the credit providers, then contact SAFPS for assistance. For free ID protection against identity fraud, visit our website on www.safps.org.za – under the tab Fraud Prevention, click on Apply for Protective Registration and Register Now  You will need a Smart phone for the digital process or follow the manual process.

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