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Thursday, 30 October 2008 13:15

Bizwave advertising model

{pp}Bizwave (Pty) Ltd created, developed and operates an idea and business development platform that allows idea owners, entrepreneurs and future entrepreneurs to share ideas, collaborate with industry experts and build successful business plans.

Bizwave is going from strength to strength, with an average growth of 10 000 members per month, and a new advertising model that provides our advertisers with even more exposure to build their brands. The new, more user friendly advertising model will still utilize the bid per impression principle, but will do away with the complicated keyword matching process.

Each advertiser will therefore be exposed to all Bizwave members – existing and new – on a rotating basis.

The advertising sequence will start on the most popular Bizwave pages, moving down to less viewed pages. The higher the bid, the more the advertisement will be displayed on these popular pages, until the advertiser’s budget limit has been reached.

One aspect of the previous advertising model that will be retained is the very basic advantage that all advertisers pay only for advertisements that are actually viewed. aims to empower all South Africans to take responsibility and ownership of their own futures so they can create sustainable wealth and growth – for a better life for us all.

Contact Information:
Thea Els Manager
Memberships Tel: 012 654 1363
Cell: 072 229 8012
Fax: 012 654 6091
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