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Nicolas Manyike - Millionaire at 23, to add the title "Author" at 26

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Nicolas Manyike - Millionaire at 23, to add the title "Author" at 26

Nicolas Manyike is considered one of the South African top influential serial entrepreneurs, his a Property Investor, Chief Executive Officer of Tale Media Group, Wealthnet Property Group, founder of Property Stokvel Investment Club, and a self-made millionaire at 23 years and now to add tittle "Author."

Whatever you are an entrepreneurial endeavor, if you read (according to Nicolas) and work hard enough, you will reach your goals. We caught up with now 26-year-old author to find out more about the journey of this impressive entrepreneur.

Briefly tell us about your entrepreneurial background?

I have always wanted to be a businessman. In the primary, I used to sell sweets, Vetkoeks, and during my high school time, used to organize events and manage an upcoming artist. I would also read any books that I could get my hands on.

What was the biggest challenge you faced and overcame on your journey to becoming a millionaire?

During my tertiary period, at some point had to abandon my studies due to a lack of financial support. I then relocated to the "city of gold and honey" Johannesburg, to pursue my dream of becoming a PR Guru and businessman.

When relocating to the city of gold, I struggled to get a place to stay. At some point with my business partner, we had to make use of the Ekhaya shelter for the homeless. From that moment, I knew something needed to be done.

Determined to make something out of my life, I was employed by one of the South Africa Biggest banks (ABSA Bank). Finally, when preparation and opportunity met each other, which I used it as a vehicle to fund my business Tale Media Group. A year later, I resigned from ABSA Bank to focus on my entrepreneurship journey fulltime.

I then started to invest in the property industry. We Founded Property Stokvel Investment Club, and I always had these great ideas and opportunities that I wanted to pursue. However, I had to convince the people around me to believe in my dreams with me. I needed to persuade them to receive their commitment, time, and effort. You cannot do it on your own. If you can show people the world from your point of view, you can recruit them to your cause.

What is your source of inspiration?

Poverty is my inspiration. Poverty paved the way to my success and as well as people I mentor that look up to me. My journey inspires the people around me, and that inspires me.

How are you encouraging the growth of entrepreneurship in South Africa?

The book teaches the correct mindset, soft-skills, and financial concepts to enable new entrepreneurs while helping the current entrepreneurs grow. My book also shows that anything is possible. I am from an average lower-middle-class family in Mkhuhlu.

I did not have wealthy parents. If I can do it, everyone and anyone can do it. I know that this will encourage our youth to believe that they can do the same. They need to think that there are still opportunities for them in our country and that they can reach success regardless of their current circumstances.

Those who have not read your book yet, provide one form of self-development they can invest in now?

Start reading a book. At least one book every three months. They can start with five pages a day. My mentor taught me one of the most important lessons I have ever learned; "If you want to become a millionaire, you have to learn from a millionaire." That is how I started; reading books by other millionaires to learn from them. It changes your mindset and the way you see finances and opportunities.

What is the next step for the Millionaire at 26?

Firstly: Spread the word, advertise, and market the book as much as possible. As soon as the pandemic is over, I will start doing free seminars about Property Investment & entrepreneurship all over the country to spread the knowledge on a larger scale.

Secondly: Will create a support structure to support the new emerging entrepreneurs and millionaires. I will create a YouTube channel to interact with my readers. I want this to be a movement and not just a once-off book.

Why should people buy and read your book?

The book is dedicated and written to guide you step by step how to start your journey through property investing, the correct financial mindset, and concepts to enable everyone and anyone to become financially independent. If you want to reach your dreams and do what you must do without finance and time constraints, you should buy and read the book.

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