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Thursday, 02 April 2020 11:36

Enhancing brand value through advocacy campaigns

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Enhancing brand value through advocacy campaigns

By Michael Gullan, Co-founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital

Brand advocacy is a powerful marketing channel at the intersection of e-learning, loyalty and incentives. Leading local and global brands are recognising its value and including brand advocacy in their strategies, with proven results.

A Deloitte survey indicates that 71% of Millennials are comfortable with technology, embracing its benefits, feeling positive about using digital devices and expecting results. This and other insights into e-learning, social media consumption, the psychology of word-of-mouth referrals, loyalty and incentive marketing, layered with people’s digital behaviours informed G&G to develop a bespoke technology Advocacy platform, unlike anything else in the world.

The platform delivers slipstreamed and highly effective advocacy programmes designed to assist B2B, B2C and B2B2C businesses to not only meet, but exceed, their business objectives.

Here are four reasons why G&G ADVC™ is breaking through.

  1. Market tested
    G&G’s ADVC™ solution has assisted local brands in a highly regulated sector to surpass their business objects in the midst of radical staff and budget cuts.

  2. Hard-working platform customised to brand objectives
    Using front-of-wave technology, G&G’s ADVC™ platform is customised to deliver on our client’s strategies, by delivering bespoke content to the right stakeholders and taking them on a journey to understand, integrate and apply their knowledge to becoming powerful brand advocates.

  3. Rich, micro-moments
    G&G’s team of strategists and content creators develop a smart-working content strategy and execute on that strategy to ensure our clients’ target audiences receive the most appropriate, informative and engaging, rich and diverse content and experiences. Through G&G’s ADVC™ platform the content is then delivered at the optimum time and pace to nurture powerful brand advocates.

  4. Data, insights and performance
    At the heart of the platform is a reporting engine, empowering agency and client with granular information on each user’s behaviour, allowing us to draw insights, push users through a learning journey, make optimisations, and, most importantly, achieve business outcomes and prove a ROI.

Advocacy is the smart channel for brands looking to get real results beyond the traditional spray and pray techniques of a website, paid search, social media, digital PR and search engine optimisation. Advocacy delivers crucial information to key stakeholders and builds a force of loyal brand advocates who will go to market and recommend and refer your brand on your behalf.

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About Michael Gullan
Michael Gullan is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of G&G Digital A tactical strategist and strong leader, Michael is an out-of-the-box thinker who is passionate about the clients and brands G&G Digital serves. G&G Digital is an independent digital agency with a passion for quality, smart creative solutions and sound strategies founded on deep insights.

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