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Tuesday, 25 February 2020 11:59

SA InsurTech Transforming The Global Insurance Industry

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SA InsurTech Transforming The Global Insurance Industry

25 February, Johannesburg, South Africa - InvestSure, a South African insurtech startup, announced as one of the 25 insurtech companies that are transforming the global insurance industry by a London based advisory firm, Oxbow Partners.

The advisory firm compiles their Impact InsurTech 25 report annually for the past three years. This year’s report has an emphasis of the  “digital decade” on the horizon as insurers are forced to face the technology challenges that they have put off in the previous decade.  

The report reveals the 25 technology-led companies it believes are well-positioned to transform the insurance industry. “The final 25 are innovative companies with the ability to create and reach new premium pools and accelerate incumbents’ digital transformation” Oxbow Partners commented.The 9-judge panel consists of industry leaders and spent five months reviewing over 100 companies to select this year’s members recognised in the report. Impact InsurTech 25 members consist of companies from around the globe including the US, UK, China and InvestSure being the only African based insurtech to make the list. “The company is bringing a new form of protection to the retail market. InvestSure has also managed to execute its proof of concept with a lean operating model. The parametric nature of the product helps given that claims are determined algorithmically.” commented Oxbow Partners.

All members were selected based on two main criteria:

Traction - material revenues or revenue growth indicating customer traction

Potential - differentiated yet sustainable proposition

“We are proud to receive this recognition from Oxbow Partners as we plan to introduce our product to the United Kingdom”, said Mbulelo Mpofana, co-founder of InvestSure. Download your copy of the Oxbow Partners InsurTech Impact 25 report today here.


About Oxbow Partners

Oxbow Partners is a management consultancy serving exclusively the insurance industry. They work on strategy and transformation, digital and M&A topics, providing their clients with deep insight into market dynamics and helping them prepare for the future with clear strategies and practical action. For more information see their website or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About InvestSure

InvestSure in an InsurTech startup that reduces risk for investors by insuring their listed shares against losses arising out of the deceptive or misleading acts of management of the company. Underwritten by Compass Insurance Limited, FSP; 12148. For more information visit our website:

Media Enquiries Keyler Weber This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 076 067 9633

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