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Wednesday, 29 January 2020 14:40

7 Reasons why your Business need SUPER FAST Web hosting in 2020.

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AuraHost - hosting South Africa

A crucial factor that affects your Google rankings ( SEO ) is the loading speed of a website. You are losing business if your website is loading slowly on the internet. Ensure that your website is loading as fast as it can by developing the website and to make sure you are in the best hosting environment. Aura Host offers the fastest hosting in South Africa, here’s why: 

CPU Power

Shared hosting is taking 1 server and allocating a little bit of resources to each Most other hosting providers have a very high share ratio, which means 1 server could host 1,000 or more clients. Since a CPU can process only so much data at a time, if only a small number of those websites has visitors, the CPU would be overloaded and the website slows down. Aura Host has a very low share ratio, ensuring that your website can load extremely fast. 


Random-access memory is a form of computer memory that can be read and changed in any order, typically used to store working data and machine code. The more you have, the less work the CPU has to do, and the faster websites built on WordPress can load and be developed. Aura Host is very generous with RAM allocation. All clients that move to us has immediately noticed the difference in site loading time. It makes developing a site fast and productive. 

SSD Hard Drives

An SSD is flash storage and has no moving parts whatsoever... SSD storage is much faster than it’s HDD equivalent. HDD storage is made up of magnetic tape and has mechanical parts inside. They're larger than SSDs and much slower to read and write. All of our servers run on SSD’s.


Unlike some other S.A. hosting companies Aura Host actually hosts it’s servers in South Africa and not offshore. It makes a huge difference in loading time. If you want your website to attract users from South Africa, you need your website to be as close to them as possible for the basic reason that it has less distance to travel and loads faster.

Data Centre Security

We use technology-driven measures to provide perimeter, building and access-control security. The perimeter fence is backed by high voltage barriers, video surveillance and response systems. Outdoor and indoor access zones, including colocation racks, are monitored by video surveillance. Biometric access control systems and progressive access policies allow unattended access to authorized visitors. Security personnel are on site 24/7 to ensure the safety of our visitors.


Aura Host is a vendor-neutral data centre and welcomes any telecommunication and content provider to grow the network ecosystem. We also host a local PoP of the INX-ZA internet exchange and have dual redundant fibre links into both Johannesburg and Cape Town NAPAfrica exchange points. Cable management by Aura Host ensures scalability and reliability. All racks are provisioned with 100Mbps by default, upgradable to 1Gbps. Additional CAT6 copper and fibre can be provided. We provide optional internet transit connectivity via multiple upstream providers as well as large scale peering at both the INX-ZA and NAPAfrica internet exchange points.

Backup / Support & Reliability

Aura Host provides a free monthly backup plan, stable hosting environments, free SSL certificate. For more active users, more rotational backups can be provided. Assistance with coding, development, email and general technical problems. 

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