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Friday, 01 November 2019 13:46

SEOPros opens Website Design office in Pretoria

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SEOPros web design is a division of the award winning SEOPros digital marketing agency that started out in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga with a small, but dedicated team with one united focus – to become the best website design and digital marketing agency in South Africa.

Since then the company has experienced phenomenal growth and yesterday, Founder and CEO of SEOPros, Louis Schoeman has announced the opening of a new website design office in Pretoria.

When asked what it is that SEOPros does different to set it apart from all the other companies that offer website design Pretoria services, Mr Schoeman replied  “ In today’s digital age, web design is a vital, if not the most important element of the overall online marketing success of any business. All marketing channels lead to a business’ website and studies and experience in web design have taught us that a website that does not convert is pointless.  Having a professional converting website is probably the biggest investment that any business owner can make. Our expert team of developers make sure that they create a website that specifically targets a customer’s industry and converts prospective visitors into clients. We serve all industries including B2B, B2C, Ecommerce, Enterprise, Education, Non-profit, Start-ups.”

He continued by saying that the website design team in Pretoria has a website portfolio of more than 150+ professionally designed websites that include mobile compatible optimizations. They have clients in almost every industry and over the years they have learned which website layouts convert the best. With their website design team in Pretoria’s critical approach to every industry, they make sure that they have every angle covered for a conversion friendly website. They make use of the available tools such as sitemaps and Google Analytics and they are very data-driven in their web design strategies. They also make sure that they stay on top of improvements on web design at all times. “Our website design team is passionate about what they do and over the years they have succeeded in growing our client’s businesses by 174%” 

Mr Schoeman concluded by saying that he and his website design team is looking forward to assist businesses, not only in Pretoria, but around the country with exceptional website design services –“ if a client’s business succeeds – so do we”. 

SEOPros, with more than 13 Years experience, is one of the top boutique digital marketing agencies specializing in advanced search engine optimization, web design, strategic brand building, content marketing and strategic competition analysis. We have been the industry leaders in advanced search engine optimization, Google PPC and Social Media Management for the last 10 years+. We are well known in the SEO industry as being one of the leading organic SEO advertising companies in South Africa.

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