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Bringing fire to the rewards space

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Bringing fire to the rewards space

Adding fire to the Rewards space Afika Hangana – Powers his way through daily challenges to cross the finish line as number one Afika Hangana knows that that when it comes to unlocking true value in business, you need to start with your most valuable assets – your customers.

As a Client Executive at 21st Century, the largest specialist Remuneration, Organisation Development and Change consultancy in South Africa, he sees every single day as an opportunity to establish, build, and most importantly, maintain client relationships. But what exactly sets him apart in an industry that relies so heavily on leveraging relationships? “I believe it is crucial to fully immerse myself in anything and everything pertaining to the Rewards and Remuneration industry,” Says Hangana.

“My ability to offer pragmatic solutions is only sound because I inherently understand the arena that my clients play in, meaning that the services and solutions that I can offer them are based on solid research and best practice models.” Keeping himself motivated by the constant reminder that heroes are only forged in fire, Hangana rises to the daily challenges that he encounters by seeing them rather as opportunities for growth. “I know that if I want to continue growing, it is necessary for me to encounter brick walls every now and then. But these will never stop me, I’d rather use them to shape and mould me to become resilient, to become the best service provider possible.

I always try to focus on the bigger picture in every circumstance. This is what has led me to where I am, and this is what will drive me to where I want to be.” There is no doubt that with an attitude like that, Hangana is set to become a force to be reckoned with. In fact, a positive attitude is one of his strongest character traits.

“I believe any skill can be taught given the right attitude. Positive attitude is the cornerstone of everything I do - in the way of thinking, of carrying ones’ self and interaction with others. This, for me, is critically important.” When not honing his client service skills, Hangana’s first love is his family. He enjoys spending as much time with them as possible, and one of his favourite things to do with them is to tell stories around the bonfire. He even suggests that one of his superpowers is the ability to sooth his nephews with oodles of candy! Of course, this is a moment when his client service skills definitely come into play.

Hangana has recently discovered a newfound passion for road-running because, much like his approach to client service, his approach to running is also founded on a desire to constantly push himself harder and further. “I love how when the legs are tired, blood is boiling, sweat is dripping and everything within you yells ‘stop’, in all that chaos, you’ll hear your heart whispering ‘10 more steps’ – that rush is indescribable.”

This young man has his sights firmly set on success and plans to be a corporate giant in the field of Thought Leadership within the next five years. He hopes to be someone who’s name is whispered in the corridors, but we feel that his name should be spoken loudly, because it is certainly one that is guaranteed to be remembered. Ends

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