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5 Steps to Build Safer Workplace Culture with The Activated Intelligence Trifecta at NOSHCON 2019

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Author and international speaker Robin Pullen is set to present 5 Steps to Build a Safer Workplace Culture at the NOSHCON 2019 event on 12 September 2019 at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton.

Delegates will discover how to shift away from relying on instinctive reactions that lead to at-risk behavior and select intentional responses with the Activated Intelligence Trifecta that cultivates a safer place to work.

“You need to recognize that your mind is wired to seek out and present information that validates your beliefs. It filters your experience of the world through the parameters YOU give it. Your values and beliefs shape those parameters. In this way, the RAS ‘helps’ you see what you really want to see. This takes place on a subconscious or invisible level, and in doing so influences your actions without you noticing it.

In one sense we can say that you can be blinded by your own beliefs.” Robin Pullen; From the Chapter: THE ACTIVATED INTELLIGENCE TRIFECTA, pg 118–121 of the book “Get Activated, How to shift from instinctive reactions to intentional responses”

It has always fascinated Robin how good people can do bad things. How even the most intelligent person can sometimes do something “just plain stupid”. It’s been a frustration to meet great people through coaching and training, “and see them turn around and surprise us with incredibly poor thinking and sometimes outright dangerous decisions” he says.

It has become his mission to understand why despite having access to world-class training, equipment and resources some staff seem to be “unable” to make the mental changes necessary that lead to a lasting shift in their behavior. Behavior-based safety has been a fertile seedbed to help create a clear understanding of what influences the thinking of an individual.

When an individual is ready to make those necessary changes it is vital that they take the time to apply this level of insight to their trigger experience. This includes processing their feelings (emotion), thoughts (thinking), emotion-related (sensation) physiological responses and their emotion-driven behavior (actions).

When an individual can apply this level of rational thought they can sift through the camouflage of emotion-related responses and establish what is truly important to them at that moment. These are the things that they value most. These are the things that they will find they are instinctively wired to safeguard and protect. These are the things that have the most significant impact on behavior in the workplace.

With this new found insight an individual can learn to recognize the behavior that they display, free of the emotion that clouds rational thought and see it for what it is. When an individual can recognise what they value most and how their behavior is conditioned to protect that, even when that behavior does not serve their intention in the present moment, they can begin to understand why they act the way that they do.

This is when the inconsistency that they experience will become plain to see. This is when they can begin to make informed decisions about the choices they make and how they respond to their emotion. This is how they can consciously change behavior and co-create a more desirable future. With the new-found insight uncovered by decoding inconsistency, the individual can begin to select a more appropriate action response to associate with the trigger. In this state of conscious awareness, they are able to take back full control of their mental processes in the situation.

They become empowered to select a more appropriate emotionally related response and then identify which value they will choose to defend in that context going forward.

To do that, the individual will need to learn to engage all one’s senses by intentionally using the Activated Intelligence (Ai) trifecta. The key to leveraging the benefit of the Ai trifecta lies in developing the ability to extract real-time insight from all three domains of the H3 model, that of the intellectual state (head sense), emotional state (heart sense) and the body or physiological state (hand sense).

When the delegate has learned how to implement the Activated Intelligence Trifecta they will in any given moment be able to: - Consider the *situation they are in. - Identify the *stimulus that has triggered them. - Acknowledge the *response that it is pulling them to. - Accept the set of *beliefs that do not serve them. - Recognize the *behavior that is sabotaging them.

- Establish the *value and what is important to them.
- Engage *cognitive arousal and apply *rational thought.
- Regulate their *emotional related responses.
- Consciously select an *intentional H3 response.
- *Reinforce the desired behavior across the H3 triad.

This is the deliberate intersection of an activated mind or intellectual intelligence, an activated heart or emotional intelligence and an activated body or physiological intelligence.

The truth is that we are creatures of habit and are often tripped up by the same obstruction. When it comes to safe work practice this is a good thing in so much that when one can see the patterns in which they allow them self to be triggered by an obstruction they can become better prepared to deal with them. Robin Pullen is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Trusted Business Adviser, Master Trainer and published Author helping people find clarity to #GetActivated towards getting stuff done.

He specializes in organizational behavior management with an emphasis on desired behavior and a particular focus on reliable and effective work practice. Robin has been described as an understander of people based on his real-world experience having developed a working understanding of why people do and do not do and has proven practical tactics and tools to unlock desired outcomes.

Media contact information: Robin Pullen Cell: +27825580709 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. END

Robin Pullen

(Unlock Insights Pty Ltd trading as) ROBIN PULLEN - executive coach, master trainer, professional speaker.

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