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Tuesday, 16 April 2019 18:55

Executive Business Coach shares simple steps to help individuals #GetActivated in latest published book

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Get Activated by Robin Pullen now available on Amazon


Inspirational speaker and master trainer Robin Pullen teaches his audience how to shift from instinctive reactions and select an intentional response with the Activated Intelligence Trifecta. The reader will learn how to leverage their emotion and develop the H3 habits of the Activated life.


In his most recently published the book 'Get Activated - How to shift from instinctive reactions to intentional responses' by inspirational speaker and master trainer Robin Pullen explains how you can learn to process your feelings (emotions), consider your thoughts (thinking), get in touch with your physiological (sensation) response and unpack your emotion-related behavior (actions) so that you can decode your shift from an instinctive reactions to be able to select an intentional response in any given situation.

Based on insights from his international experience as a behavior management expert, Gauteng based business coach and master trainer Robin Pullen shows the reader how to unlock their Activated Intelligence (Ai) using the H3 (head-heart-hand) triad. The Activated Intelligence Trifecta will empower the reader to practice emotional regulation so that they can leverage their emotion and develop the H3 habits of the Activated life.


Robin Pullen is a Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Trusted Business Adviser, Master Trainer and published Author helping people find clarity to #GetActivated towards getting stuff done. He specializes in organizational behavior management with an emphasis on desired behavior and a particular focus on reliable and effective work practice. Robin has been described as an understander of people based on his real-world experience having developed a working understanding of why people do and do not do and has proven practical tactics and tools to unlock desired outcomes.

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Robin Pullen

(Unlock Insights Pty Ltd trading as) ROBIN PULLEN - executive coach, master trainer, professional speaker.

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