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Monday, 08 April 2019 15:21

Witness Dzumbira's story: My college went all out for me

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Witness has always wanted to become an Accountant. So, he set out to find the qualification that would feed his passion and make his goals a reality. That is when he found CIMA.

"I needed a qualification that would enable me to perform core accounting tasks but also give me a broader understanding of business strategy, project and relationship management. CIMA was just the perfect choice. All I needed to do was find the right college, " said Witness. According to Witness, his decision to enrol with IBTC was based on the fact that every CIMA staff member he spoke to recommended IBTC.  

"IBTC had the best reviews and everyone in my circle of influence seemed to recommend them. Even with the reviews and recommendations I did not expect much from the college, all I expected was to receive my books and never hear from anyone at the college again. I was immediately proven wrong when I crossed paths with Ntswaki at IBTC, who became a constant companion in my study journey,” says Witness.

"The frequent calls to make sure I stuck to my study schedule and the willingness to answer all my questions soon because a new normal for me. The IBTC staff is very knowledgeable about each subject and apart from the obvious competence during lectures, they offer valuable career advice and insight on key industry trends. They go above and beyond for their students, " he added.

The lengths the IBTC staff was willing to go to for their students was proven to Witness when he wanted to write both his P2 and E2 in December but there was only one exam slot available.

"I travel all the way from Welkom to write my exam. It takes me about 3 hours to get there so, I wanted to write two subjects in one day, but there was only one slot left for the year. I phoned Ntswaki in a panic and she was happy to help," says Witness.

Although the exam centre officially closed on 19 December, Ntswaki opened the centre on 21 December to accommodate Witness. Now isn't that remarkable."I know Witness, because he always writes at my centre, but I didn't know he travels all the way from Welkom. By being curious and building a relationship (two of our key values) I found out more about Witness's journey which gave me an opportunity to give him remarkable service (another of our values)," says Ntswaki. Everyone at IBTC is on the lookout for ways to offer remarkable service to our students and live our values.

We are IBTC. Also known as International Business Training College. IBTC is a registered course provider delivering classroom tuition and distance learning courses for internationally recognised professional qualifications, such as CIMA, ACCA, CAT, ICB and CFA - offering a combination of distance learning and classroom courses designed to prepare students for their professional examinations. Operating from Cape Town since 1995, IBTC provides classroom courses in major cities around South Africa and a comprehensive Home Study programme supported by experienced international tutors.

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