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Thursday, 04 April 2019 16:28

DoshEx rolls out Pundi X technology to enable crypto adoption in South Africa

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DoshEx and Pundi X Partnership

DoshEx, the South African Digital Asset Exchange, and global blockchain-based payment pioneer Pundi X, today (4 April) announced a strategic partnership to bring cryptocurrency  to high street retailers and local consumers. In a first for South Africa’s retail market, XPOS, the Pundi X blockchain-based point-of-sale devices and XPASS cards for cryptocurrency transactions are to be deployed at selected sites across South Africa in a co-branded roll-out with DoshEx. Blockchain-driven point-of-sale technology enables merchants to digitize their payment infrastructure on the blockchain while consumers transact in cryptocurrency in a fast, efficient and convenient manner. Blockchain – a tamper-proof, cryptography-based technology – establishes trust of the transactions among various parties. Cryptocurrency transaction within the Pundi X payment ecosystem is a hassle-free method that promotes financial inclusion as XPASS-holders will have their own financial history of the transactions on XPASS card and the associated XWallet app without the necessity for having a bank account. Rapid acceptance is envisaged as the process resembles credit-card transacting with which consumers are familiar. To enable crypto transacting, the XPASS is simply tapped on an XPOS device.

Zac Cheah, CEO and Co-founder of Pundi X Labs, commented: “XPOS is the easy, affordable access point into crypto for mainstream retailers and consumers. “Many big businesses already access the crypto benefits of trusted record-keeping transactions. Now, an XPASS card loaded with crypto enables ordinary people to embrace the crypto-future, including millions of unbanked South Africans. “Our partnership with DoshEx enables us to tap into the early-adopter market at pace as this Bryanston-based innovator has a proven track-record as a digital exchange and developer of blockchain-based solutions for leading corporates, including the South African arm of Virgin Money.” DoshEX CEO Alex de Bruyn noted: “It was essential to roll out trusted and proven technology as our objective is to rapidly build South Africa’s first point-of-sale cryptocurrency network. This is why we partnered with Pundi X. “This global technology player has deployed payment ecosystems in numerous markets, including developing economies such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Nigeria.. Its international representation stretches from London to Jakarta to Tokyo. Pundi X therefore has the resources to support a rapidly growing network in line with our vision of demystifying crypto and turning it into a generally accepted payment option.

“We believe XPOS will rapidly become your crypto ATM and transaction-enabler at your local coffee shop or high street store.” Adoption is easy. Participating merchants install XPOS technology on the counter and provide the XPASS cards, activated for a once-off fee. Cryptocurrency is preloaded by the vendor. Users then transact on XPASS. Alternatively, users can buy XPASS online from DoshEX at www.doshex.comand load crypto online. The XPOS strategy calls for phased roll-out of XPASS cards and devices, with 5000 cards available for the first wave of early adopters.  The partners will announce details of the deployment footprint as the technology becomes available in different geographic areas. De Bruyn added: “The ability to readily transact in crypto is a vital step in digital currency development. Soon it will be the norm for the public to buy, hold and sell crypto. Borderless transactions and transfers will be easy, without the high costs traditionally associated with these activities. “In the crypto-future consumers will transact in their crypto currency of choice, perhaps linked to dollars or euro. Crypto’s future is bright and Pundi X has provided the first light switch.” 

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About DoshEx: DoshEx is a South African company pioneering the local development of crypto-tokens. Related DoshEx products and services include tokenised solutions for corporates and SOEs, safekeeping of funds and the design and deployment of blockchains. This digital exchange is the brainchild of a group of entrepreneurs with a background in payments and crypto-currencies. Among the innovators is Alex de Bruyn, who is young, articulate and passionate about the tokenised future. He is also DoshEx’s media spokesman. Website: Contact: Alex De BruynTel: +27 11 468-5236 

About Pundi X: Pundi X is a leading developer of blockchain-powered devices, including the world’s first point-of-sales (POS) solution enabling merchants and consumers to do transactions on the blockchain in physical stores.  Pundi X is also the developer of the first, fully-functional blockchain phone, the XPhone.  Its POS device, the XPOS, has been shipped to over 25 countries including Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan and the USA; 100,000 devices are being targeted for rollout to the global retail market by 2021.  The company is headquartered in Singapore. Its international presence includes offices in Jakarta, São Paulo, Seoul, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Tokyo.  Listed as one of the top 50 innovative fintech startups in 2018 by KPMG and H2 ventures, the company is also a member of Singapore Fintech Association, Fintech Association of Hong Kong, ACCESS, Swiss Finance and the Fintech Association.  It is also a founding member of Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia. For more information, please visit

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