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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 15:16

Women Creating Wealth in 21st Century

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Women Creating Wealth In The 21st Century, is Africa's Largest Financial Transformation Movements

for Women, which aims to help them become Financially Independent through Trading the Financial Markets, Property Investing, and Entrepreneurship.

Most have use the profits they make to get out of debt, raise their children, take their family on holiday, invest in property, while some have even funded their own businesses.

Rudo Mnisi

Serial Entrepreneur Financial Markets Trader,

Communications & Marketing Strategist, Copy and Creative writer for TV, Radio,Billboards,and Print adds, South Africa’s youngest self made Millionaires.

Dineo Seasebo

Property Investor
Women Empowerment Activist
Motivational Speaker

Date : 23RD March 2019
Venue: Michael Angelo Hotel Sandton
Time: 9:00am-16pm

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