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Tuesday, 26 February 2019 13:30

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Tebogo Sethabela – a Reward Intern at 21st Century – explains his role at the company and talks career growth

Tebogo Sethabela is a Reward Intern at 21st Century.  As such, his role includes doing research, analytical work, data capturing, administration work and other supportive functions that are required by the company.

Having studied econometrics, Sethabela is able to handle large datasets with an emphasis on extracting information and drawing conclusions based on that information – a needed skill when it comes to the analytical part of his role at 21st Century.

“I believe that I can take 21st Century to the next level by having an open and creative approach to every aspect of the company.  We are in a small yet fast-growing sector as more companies are realising the need of our services.  There is room for innovation and the implementation of new approaches in what 21st Century has to offer.  I am in the best position to bring new innovative ideas into 21st Century’s already successful story,” says Sethabelo.

His goals when it comes to 21st Century are firstly to bring a positive impact where it is most needed in the company as well as to be a resource of knowledge that the company’s personel can use to attend to the different needs of the organisation.

“I am able to uplift everyone around me as I strongly believe that the greatest thing to do is to be there for others as much as we are there for ourselves.Over the years, I have learned to keep an open mind about what the future holds for me.  In the next five years, I see myself leading the way in business innovation across all sectors in the economy and most importantly, just living a joyful life in all aspects,” adds Sethabela.

A quote that best describes Sethabela is: “If you can’t fly, then walk, if you can’t walk, then crawl but whatever you do – you have to keep moving forward,” by Martin Luther King.

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