Thursday, 14 February 2019


Written by
Daniel Kibel, Founder and Director CM Trading

You made it. You made it through to January pay day. For most people this is more exciting than their birthdays. But why do we do this to ourselves every single year? Why do we recklessly throw all caution to the wind with our budgets over December, making January feel like every single day is a week and an endless stretch to make ends meet? Perhaps it might have something to do with the very unrealistic New Year’s resolutions we set for ourselves. They are always so all-encompassing with absolutely no room for failure, until inevitably they’re forgotten, and we are left right back where we started.

This could be a very good time to start making plans instead of promises – a tangible action list that will yield rewards instead of resentment. There are so many vehicles for financial growth that are a lot more accessible for the average South African than ever before, all it takes is a little bit of investment savvy. CM Trading, an award-winning online trading company is committed to providing an essential investment service to South African clients who prefer an out-of-the-box approach to investment opportunities. “Trading in shares and commodities has always been something that has been out of reach for the average South African,” says Daniel Kibel of CM Trading, “but we have found a quick and easy way to help the consumer trade effectively – on their phone, i-pad, PC – all at the touch of a button.” 

Of course, year-round saving is essential to ensure that your nest egg steadily grows, but any extra windfalls that you might have such as commission, a bonus or extra income could provide the opportunity for an alternate investment strategy, such as share trading. When asked why this should be a consideration, Daniel says, “The return that one can make through online share trading is so much more than the interest rate that the banks will offer you (on a fixed deposit from the major South African banks, the average rate is between four and five percent. Responsible and expertly guided share trading can net you so much more.”

“Anyone can become a trader through our unique website and easy to use and understand portals.  You don’t have to be a trading genius or have years of experience as a stock broker – we have created the platform to allow you to do it yourself.” Everything required for you to make a successful start is provided.

It’s not possible to foresee exactly what the financial future holds, but strategising a tangible plan will go a long way to easing the January strain next year.