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Sunday, 02 December 2018 17:15

Executive Coach Ashley Frank Named CLI Country Head

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Dr Ashley G. Frank: CLI-Power Coaching Country Head, South Africa

South African named to lead CLI-Power Coaching® in Johannesburg

Brentwood Bay – British Columbia, December 2, 2018:  Canadian based international Coaching network, CLI-Power Coaching® has announced the appointment of a South African executive coach, Dr Ashley Frank as Principal of its Johannesburg Office and de facto Country Head, effective January 1, 2019.

In another first for an international professional firm entering South Africa, CLI-Power Coaching® will be led by a local executive. Sandora Anna, Head of the network’s Appointment Committee, spelt out the criteria that were used in selecting a Principal Officer for its new office in South Africa: “We wanted someone who had a thorough knowledge of world economic affairs, was well trained in both business as well as coaching and had the executive presence to lead a specialist C-Suite executive coaching firm, both in terms of managing an international and culturally diverse staff complement and in being able to understand the real challenges senior executives face. That we are able to appoint a local is an unintended though very positive outcome”. The search process began in earnest about 4 months ago and was open to candidates internationally. “There was much interest in the position given that several coaches want to get emerging-markets experience and that particularly in Africa, which is set to become an increasingly important part of the international economy”, Anna reported.

“In Dr Frank we found someone who was exceptionally well trained in business, having gained his MBA almost 20 years ago and holding a PhD for about 15 years. Ashley has actually lived in 4 different countries, excluding his native South Africa, and has a sound grasp of international business affairs, which should prove particularly useful for South African CEO’s whose firms are globalizing on a large scale. In South Africa, he made a name for himself by teaching at the country’s major business schools. He was an Associate Professor in the Business Schools of both the University of KwaZulu-Natal as well as the University of Cape Town and then Professor & Discipline Chair at North-West University’s business school – all highly respected institutions, both in the country and in terms of international rankings. He is a coach well trained in CLI’s proprietary coaching technology Mind-Kinetics®, having trained directly under the supervision of our Master Coach, Betska K-Burr. However what stood out in Ashley’s background was that he was coming from a highly analytical background and now working in a field that requires the demonstration of softer skills. Unlike in North America, South African corporates tend to have a preference for being headed by accountants, we think the fact the Ashley is an expert in Finance (the specific area where he was tenured) and had a strong investment banking early career, should bode well for the particular clientele the South African office is sure to attract. Further, he wears the prestigious “double crown”, being an accredited coach through two of the world’s major coach accreditors (the International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring (based in the UK) and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (based in Brussels). Before his application could be presented to our international board, several references from previous clients were sought and the experience Dr Frank received, during his CLI Residency, working for Fortune 100 or Global 500 clients, was highlighted".

CLI’s selection process is made of up of a mixture of qualitative and quantitative assessments. In this appointment, they relied on the expertise of the Australian Graduate School of Leadership for the final short-listing process. The AGSL were able to verify at least 10 000 hours of Dr Frank’s experience in culture (leadership development), context (strategic decision making) and the constituency of large corporations. “This will easily make him among the Top 5 executive coaches working in South Africa”, Anna contended.

Speaking from a book-tour, currently promoting “Tunnel Out” which deals with values-based leadership, Dr Frank said he was challenged by the prospect of having to relocate to Johannesburg and beginning to re-establish a referral network there. “The relocation will mean changes in many other areas of my life and I will have to balance all my priorities. But I’m deeply honoured by the faith that CLI has expressed in me and I’ll try to become, every day, the kind of leader CLI deserves”.  

[For more details about Dr Frank’s background visit his LinkedIn profile:]

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