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Wednesday, 07 November 2018 09:09

Warranty Extender Adds Plans For Older High Mileage Cars

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Warranty Extender Adds Plans For Older High Mileage Cars

Warranty Extender is delighted to announce that is has formulated two new extended warranty plans for both high kilometer cars and "just out of plan" vehicles.

These new plans are best suited for older cars that have done higher mileage and offer unparalleled cover in this market sector. One of the many benefits of this plan, is that the premium is deducted on a monthly basis and as such, no deposit or lump sum payments are required.  Added to this convenience, is that the term of the warranty does not lapse after a given period, so for as long as you are a paid up client, you will be covered.  And unlike other warranty products, it does not matter how old your vehicle is or how many kilometers your car has covered. Once you have reached a certain mileage, you are automatically bumped into the next plan schedule so you do not need to change plans, this happens automatically.

Plan A covers vehicles up to 90,000km and less than 5 years old.
Plan B covers vehicles up to 150,000km and less than 8 years old.
Plan C covers older cars with high mileage.

To learn more about these extended warranty plans - visit:

This means that Warranty Extender now offer plans for high mileage cars and cars up to unlimited kilometers. 

So long as you are a paid up monthly member, you are covered under the warranty plan schedule without any limitation to the age of the car or kilometers covered.  You can now keep loving your car for as long as you like knowing that you will have mechanical and electrical cover. High Mileage Warranty Cover has never been this accessible.

The limitations of the claims would be a waiting period of 30 days on new plans. Thereafter for a period of 60 days you will only be covered for a maximum of 25% of the plan value.

For more information on these new extended warranty plans, please visit

Warranty Extender also offers a new toll free emergency assistance number to help guide you in an unforeseen circumstance.

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