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Wednesday, 12 September 2018 14:22

South Africa – Cultivate Leadership, Inspire Courage and Motivate our Nation

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Lead & Inspire Workshop Facilitated by Bradley Day

We open our news feed, immediately we are hit with murder, corruption and power-hungry politicians. I find myself saddened when I speak to fellow South Africans, people that love this country and they tell me they have decided to leave, they have given up hope, they do not see a future for their children. Lets not even get into social media, the home of “The Keyboard Warrior”. We have all witnessed the hate mongers that come alive in the virtual world. Can this horrible perception be changed? 

Three years ago, I started a new initiative. The Lead & Inspire Initiative. After more than 20 years of been involved in sales and various business’s selling “product” it was time, and a burning desire to focus on people and on South Africans. That was the birth of the Lead & Inspire initiative. I changed my small product-based business to focusing on people. The mission, I thought, was simple enough - Cultivate Leadership, Inspire Courage and Motivate a Nation. It is time to face facts, this is needed in our country.  The plan was to deliver powerful motivational talks and inspirational workshops. It was at this point I started my journey into the world of motivational speaking and developing material. The journey is in its infancy and has the potential to positively influence people across South Africa.

As the material was compiled and I developed my skills as a speaker and presenter, I ended up, by default developing a Public Speaking and Presentation Workshop, to coach the skill of speaking to an audience. This went a step further and evolved into a Lead & Inspire Youth Programme that was delivered to a High School Learners in Cape Town with outstanding results. The reality of what I discovered on this journey was that the ability to speak in public, to small and large audiences is a fundamental leadership, business and life skill that we far too often ignore. In-fact, a recent survey conducted by friend Tiaan Smit with MBA students showed that 80% of current and future business leaders lack confidence speaking to an audience. An overwhelming 98% of respondents believe that our education system does not incorporate or allow for proper training of this essential life skill.  The Lead & Inspire Speaking Workshop fills this need. It has become, so much more than just speaking skills. Its about life, leadership and developing the confidence to step out of the comfort zone. It’s about growing business, community and strong, moral and ethical leadership. 

The belief of the Lead & Inspire initiative is that if we, the ordinary men and woman on the street start to step up as leaders, we will finally make South Africa a better place for all. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, our communities and our orginisations. It does not matter if you are heading up a large organisation or the leader on the local community bingo group. We have the ability to lead, inspire and motivate those around us. They in turn will be inspired from the example and follow suit, our positive attitude will become contagious. South Africa is a diverse country with beautiful people, our potential as a nation is unprecedented. There are more good and loving people in this country than we realise and than what is portrayed. A statement that many people have challenged me on. If you take a step back from all the hate and negativity we so often find in our modern day chaos, and you open your eyes, take people on face value, you will very quickly find that the people of South Africa, of all colours, creeds and races are great loving people. 

Keynote talks and workshops are offered to corporate clients. As part of giving back to the community, for every corporate client that commissions a keynote talk or workshop, Lead & Inspire will conduct a free workshop to a school, NGO or sector in the community that would ordinarily not have the means to do so. 

I am the driver of the Lead & Inspire Initiative, a passionate inspirational speaker and facilitator. It is my job to cultivate leadership, inspire courage and motivate. My talks are from real life stories, having experienced many successes and failures, not to mention life’s disappointments. Life is full of possibilities, live with passion, be relentless and love life!  

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Lead & Inspire by Day Pro

"We are motivated by connecting with people, we are passionate and love what we do." The Lead & Inspire initiative is about inspiring courage and cultivating moral and ethical leadership right at ground route level. Day Pro Digital Solutions was founded by Bradley Day in 2009 as an importer and wholesaler of digital accessories. After a combination of great successes and some guttering personal disappointments, Bradley decided the business needs to focus on people instead of products. From that day, the Day Pro - Lead & Inspire initiative was born. Visit for a full run down.

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