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Wednesday, 08 August 2018 16:17

20/20 Insights celebrates #Women in business

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On 09 August 2018, South Africans celebrate #Women’s Day. Remembering the 50 000 women who marched to the Union Buildings on this day in 1956.

20/20 Insight salutes women who are running and leading small-medium enterprises, whose passions are a much-needed contribution to reduce poverty and the rising rate of unemployment.

Small-medium enterprises owned by black women are the fastest growing economic force in South Africa, despite the many challenges that many women still face. It makes sense then to support this growth trajectory meaningfully through financing solutions, market access and mentoring opportunities that will move small businesses to the next level.

''It is well known that successful female entrepreneurs grow more than businesses, they grow successful families and communities.  This makes it an imperative to support female entrepreneurs as we realise the importance of the positive impact on South African economy and society”. Raheel Parul Muhammad, COO of 20/20 Insight

High growth SMEs and new SMEs are more likely to create new jobs. The FinFind data supported this research showing 28% of the jobs were created in the last four years by new SMMEs. When we account for self-employment, we find that high growth SMEs create 86% of the new jobs by businesses less than 4 years old.

While celebrating women’s month it is important that we celebrate  black women who are breaking stereotypes and advancing the economy of our country and it is essential that we engage the issue of gender inequality in small-medium enterprises sector as we are celebrating Women’s day.20/20 celebrates the likes of Mrs Stella Mokwena of Stanza Cleaning Services , Lolo Papo, CEO of  T-Marc Holdings.

“ I will forever be grateful for the advice and close support we received from 20/20 Insight which has helped  T-Marc become a finalist in the Standard Bank “ Top Women in Business” awards in 2016 and the Topco “Top Business” awards in 2017. It thus gives me great pleasure to recommend their services to any Corporate Company seeking a partner to grow Small Black Owned and Black Women  Owned Business”. - Lolo Papo, CEO of T-Marc Holdings

20/20 believes and supports funding of SMEs that are owned by black businesswoman because they are a critical building block for our country’s economic growth. Access to finance is one of the primary challenges for startups, micro, very small, small and medium businesses in the country, and one that needs drastic attention.  We celebrate fearless women who are talking the world of small-medium enterprises by storm. We celebrate their success and their journey to the successful businesses that they are running.


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