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Thursday, 22 May 2008 18:51

Medical aid a small business survival necessity

{pp}Providing staff with medical aid is a business survival necessity for small businesses,says Cape Medical Plan’s general manager, Charlene Schoeman.

“In small businesses, staff ill health is not simply an operational hassle: it can result in significant business costs,” she says. “By their very nature small businesses run lean on resources – human, managerial and financial.

This affects their success or failure.” Schoeman says that small businesses are vulnerable to staff absence through illness.

Every employee is critical to sustained business performance, thus staff health belongs on the agenda of proprietors. She acknowledges that “medical aid costs are an obvious factor in decision making, adding: “Costs only make sense in relation to value”.

For a small business, the value of a compatible medical aid is that it:

  • exposes members to a culture of caring for their health;
  • supports them; and
  • provides resources to managing ill-health and this reduces absentee time.
For a small business proprietor, the ideal medical aid is one whose size makes it a compatible partner and supports it with quick, accurate responses. Schoeman says: “Ultimately, the best medical aid scheme for a small business operates as a human resources adjunct by assuming the administrative burden on behalf of the proprietor.”

Contact Information:
Charlene Schoeman
General Manager
Cape Medical Plan
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
021 937 8470

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