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Friday, 09 March 2018 23:21

Will Louis JR Tshakoane Prove Critics Wrong, Is Undercover Millionaires Legit?

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Will Louis JR Tshakoane Prove Critics Wrong, Is Undercover Millionaires Legit?

Louis JR Tshakoane, the founder and President of Undercover Millionaires Currency has come under a lot of pressure in 2017 from his competitors and investors. Beefing with FOREX trader Andile Mayisela in the Daily Sun to question marks being raise by some of his 25000+ odd investors of the UMC crypto-currency.This article is dedicated to looking deeper into his legitimacy as a South African entrepreneur. He came under fire when many viewers of VUZU TV saw his lavish lifestyle on national reality show Rich Kids at the end of 2016.

After the launch of his Crypto Currency during April 2016, business for him began to boom. With a massive following of 1,500,000+ media followers glued to his every Facebook and Instagram posts.Since Bitcoin has become a craze in South Africa many people have taken interest in the FOREX market with traders such as Jason Noah of FOREX KINGS and Jabulani "Cashflow" Ngcobo who are well known for hosting training sessions and seminars charging the public to learn how to trade. Other prolific traders who have also come under immense pressure over recent years include Prince NRB, Ref Wayne who also founded his own Crypto-Currency called Pipcoin in early 2016 that is no longer functioning or tradable. Sandile Shezi the self proclaimed Millionaire and founder of Global Forex Institute has also taken jabs at other forex traders with much less ethical ways of doing so in the fear of competition as seen on his many Instagram feuds with Ashley Hastibeer of GoForex. Sandile Mantsoe, Trillion Dollar Legacy Binary Options Forex Trader who infamously killed his Girlfriend is now facing life in prison and has given the trading circles a bad reputation for the fast life.

Louis-Jr Tshakoane travelled around the world from South Africa to Dubai and London preaching the gospel that his UMC crypto-currency can make them Millionaires. Many of whom his followers are so on paper. Since the currency price is based on supply and demand. Withdrawals have slowed down once he began touring the world. Non the less that has not stopped his string of ground breaking announcements that he claims will prove to many critics that his 100% legit and above board. During some seminars I attended in 2017 he even showed audited financial statements of the company boosting in the millions all paying taxes.He has announced a game changing idea around UMC which he calls Undercover Millionaires Cellphone Network (UMCN). An official Mobile Virtual Network (MVNO) which is competing against the likes of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Mobile and Smartcall. Images and flyers are fast spreading on the streets and social media pages of a new sim card powered by his crypto-currency offering 40% more value for all airtime and data purchases. Meaning when one buys R100 of data they get a bonus R40 of airtime totalling R140. And when a customer or UMC member buys data of 1GB they get up to 500 Mb free. Louis Jr Tshakoane claims his holding company Undercover Billionaires has a strong partnership with Cell C providing him with this superior advantage over the rumors spreading around. The sim cards will provide a much needed sustainable financial upgrade for his currency as members also earn crypto whenever they call. His subscribers have to select a monthly package of airtime and data starting at R150 per month in order to keep their crypto accounts live.

He has been named many things including a fraud, con man, scammer and much more by a handful of disgruntled investors who claim he ran away with their money. All of which he says are people who lack patience and understanding of what they invested in. "I always tell people in my seminars that today's people especially South African's suffer from RDS "Research Deficiency Syndrome". People tend to run after get rich quick schemes like MMM and Kipi thinking they will become millionaires by earning perpetual monthly returns of up to 75% per month like on platforms such as MYLIFECHANGE24/7 which seized to pay its thousands of investors after only 3 months of operating its faceless brand. I put my face and my fathers name on my brand because we 100% legit. I know many of my members expected things to be matured by now but thats not how the game works. In FOREX or CryptoCurrency to avoid risk you need to exercise patience. It has been a challenging 2 years trying to build momentum for UMC. We saw it explode in popularity amongst both the elders and youth then it slowly declined in demand because of insecure individuals and competitors spreading false information and fake accounts using my pictures, labelling me and the currency. It is high time in 2018 that people will realize my original vision. We were waiting for our mobile license to be approved and that took longer than expected.

Our crypto currency UMC is backed by bitcoin, gold, silver bullion and our airtime and data business model. We are 1000% sure that through the 40% discount on all mobile services we will have the cutting edge over the critics, actions speak louder than words.Louis Jr Tshakoane managed to win the hearts of the people around the world with his inspiring story of how he wrote a letter to his mentor Sir Richard Branson when he was 16. Telling people that he loved the letter so much that he physically came to South Africa to donate Virgin Active gym equipment valued at more than R2,5million. He then worked for companies such as Lamborghini Johannesburg and UBS Swiss where he learned from millionaires about the international financial markets.My verdict on this issue is still up for debate kindly leave your comments below on what you think will happen next on this young man's entrepreneurial journey of creating Africa's first "viable" digital crypto-currency.

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