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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 09:48

Location-based advertising: the new wave of marketing

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Location-based advertising: the new wave of marketing

A wave of change in the global marketing sector has been brought on by the advent of location-based advertising. This has created new innovative ways for companies to change the way they market their products and services. This is altering marketing companies’ consumer engagement practices and ultimately their clients purchasing patterns.  

According to the Millennial Media report, the next-generation consumer has become accustomed to the omni-channel experience, and now expects and demands these multi-device platforms and a seamless multi-channel experience when engaging with marketing campaigns.  

This change has not come as a surprise to professionals in the industry and innovative companies have already begun to change their approaches, techniques and strategies based on the evolving digital marketing landscape. Companies that exploit these new platforms and technology to foster greater customer engagement online will reap the benefits through an improved bottom line.  

Geomarketing takes all these factors into consideration; consumers as well as companies. This form of marketing improves customer satisfaction by catering to specific needs, and providing platforms for companies to identify these consumers and market their products and services at a much greater and more effective rate.  

Conference participants will leave with a greater understanding of the rise of geomarketing in Africa; how marketing and omni-channel strategies can enhance consumer engagement practices; how to unlock the true value of data analytics and staying ahead of your competitors in a world with constantly evolving technology. How applications using mobile devices function with this technology; the importance of monitoring and security concerning data and consumers privacy and last but not least, what lies on the future horizon for geomarketing.  

Attending the Geomarketing Conference offers the only platform in Africa to network with leading industry practitioners in the geomarketing space. Insights and key themes will be addressed that will illuminate on how these latest innovations, technologies and shifts globally are going to rapidly transform the local marketing environment. 

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