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Thursday, 22 March 2012 12:30

A new era in business prospecting has arrived!

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While business to business prospecting solutions are not a new concept - few solutions capture and fully understand the importance of integrating the prospecting and sales process with the management of potential clients. Once your sales team has located a potential prospect, managing and tracking the interaction in an advanced customer relationship management (CRM) system is vital to ensure that prospects translate into clients. With Bizinform’s new Bizprospect functionality businesses are able to locate potential clients, manage their client interaction and have an overview of the sales team’s performance in an advanced integrated system.

Ultimately Bizprospect fulfils two vital sales needs – that of locating potential clients and the managing and monitoring of prospect interaction. Sales teams are able to track and manage their interaction with prospects and management is able to view the performance of the sales team and stay abreast of the results of prospect interaction.

The core of Bizprospect centres around its ability to locate prospects according to industry and geographical location. This is possible because all companies on the system have latitude and longitude co-ordinates for geocoding purposes and can be targeted right down to suburb.

When using Bizprospect to locate a business you can be assured that you are receiving the latest and most complete source of company data. Bizprospect’s comprehensive business information is constantly refreshed by updates of all company changes registered with CIPC as well as the deeds database. These weekly updates include the status of a company, director changes, company auditor changes and negative information. Further company data on the database includes Standard Industry Codes (SIC), company and group size and number of employees. This information is further supplemented by a dedicated research team who constantly review and update the data and ensure that all contact details are correct and operational.

Once you have selected the businesses you want to contact you can schedule and manage your interaction with them in My Sales List. My Sales List is a sales prospecting solution which provides for the selected businesses to be transferred into an advanced CRM system which tracks all activity and the sales cycle on each prospect.

From My Sales List you can call the company or even schedule a meeting or a call back. Details of the call back or scheduled meeting are then loaded onto the system which integrates seamlessly with Outlook - scheduling call backs and meetings in your Outlook calendar without you ever leaving the system. You can also capture notes and comments regarding the phone call or meeting outcome for each prospect so you can continuously monitor your progress with each prospect and have a central database for all information.

Apart from being able to identify prospects and manage your interaction with them management can also make use of Bizprospect’s My Sales Team functionality - a crucial tool for driving sales efficiency and monitoring the sales force. From My Sales Team management is able to monitor the activity of their team with detail and summary data in a hierarchical structure. With this essential tool management can view how many prospects have been located, how many were called, what the results of the calls were, how many meetings resulted and where the prospect was lost or translated into a sale.

With this in-depth monitoring functionality managers have the ability to look at the specific activities of each sales person, as well as at summary data presented in graphical format. Furthermore, they can retrieve monthly/weekly reports on all won and lost business, all sales agent activities and the overall performance of staff.

In today’s competitive market transforming prospects into clients is more difficult than ever. It is not enough to simply locate prospects, one needs to actively build relationships and engage with them to ensure that no opportunity to secure a client is missed. With Bizprospects integrated prospecting and customer relationship management system growing your client base and managing your sales team can be done in one all-inclusive system – saving you and your company time, money and resources.

As an innovative business bureau Bizinform provides affordable, easy-to-understand, quality business information to assist our clients in making accurate and informed decisions. We specialise in delivering an online knowledge solution on business profiles, incorporating batch, real-time and analytic services. The information we provide gives you a complete overview of a company’s background, payment habits, creditworthiness, financial stability, operations, connections and contact details ensuring that you are selling, partnering, purchasing or marketing to and from businesses with the desired profile.

For more information on Bizprospect please contact Bizinform on +27 (0)11 666 7386 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also visit the website

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