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[] Dianne Perrett, an international marketing consultant, has launched a new e- workbook, “The Marketing Manual”. This is a tool that will enable anyone, irrespective of his or her marketing knowledge and experience, to produce a concise, practical and effective marketing plan for immediate implementation.
[] Following the tremendous interest in this research generated by the Johannesburg presentation in July and the widespread reference to its findings in the press, Eighty20 will host a Cape Town presentation of its on-going research into the low income market in South Africa.
[] As October’s Employment Equity (EE) deadline looms once more, some of SA’s corporates may be unwittingly sailing dangerously close to the wind, from an EE perspective. Most companies had to lodge their very first reports in terms of Employment Equity Reporting by the 1st December 2000, with the duration…
[] Discipline and focus applied by Investec (comprising Investec Limited and Investec plc) to enact its growth strategy have created the momentum, coupled with favourable market conditions, to allow the group to report a strong performance for the year ended 31 March 2006.
[] Investec to issue sterling-denominated preference shares - Investors seeking exposure to pound-sterling-denominated securities will be able to invest in a non-redeemable, non-cumulative, non-participating preference share from Investec plc. The securities are to be offered at a discount to provide an attractive dividend yield as well as rand-hedging properties.
[] A distinguished jury has selected for the first time the “Social Entrepreneur 2006” in South Africa. The jury selected Sunette Pienaar, Founder of Heartbeat, for her exemplary contribution to mobilize communities to care and protect their children whose parents have died. First Lady Zanele Mbeki, who has been an…
[] The Small Business Hub has launched a feature-rich web site to help small businesses handle all phases of their development. The aim of the site is to provide small business owners with critical information on all aspects of running a small business in a competitive climate. The latest in…

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