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Thursday, 05 March 2009 12:07

Diamond demand to outstrip supply globally

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{pp}Grave prospects lie ahead for the diamond supply industry worldwide as experts predict the flow to begin to slow to a trickle. With the ever-increasing gap between supply and demand, jewellers and mining companies have one aim in common: find a way to meet the demand for diamonds or lose…
Wednesday, 04 March 2009 17:05

Online retail trade takes over in SA

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{pp}With the effects of the economic slump in South Africa still being felt by consumers, getting the best value for money is essential. So what better way to save time and money than to have a comprehensive price comparison website that enables you to accomplish your shopping spree in a…
{pp}It’s all system go for the inaugural Gauteng NEPAD Summit, the first of its kind in the country where NEPAD projects implementation are discussed at a sub-national level.
{pp}Leading local service provider, Webmail, has announced the success of its new website launch and partnership with Nokia. The Webmail-Nokia partnership sees Webmail becoming the locally hosted mobile email solution exclusively for South Africa. 2008 has not only seen Webmail launch an upgraded version of its website, but has also…
{pp}Business empowerment is key to sustainable economic growth in South Africa. A 2006 study done on Entrepreneurship in South Africa shows that the country is estimated to have approximately two million small businesses, representing 98% of the total number of firms in the country. Entrepreneurs produce solutions that fly in…
{pp}The current economic crisis has already led to large numbers of job losses across the globe, but brings with it a unique opportunity for South Africa to recruit the foreign skills it needs to build up critical industries such as IT, construction, engineering and education over the next few years.…
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 18:55

Companies ask their consumers for bright ideas

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{pp}South African companies will be looking to the public for advice on how to market their products through a groundbreaking campaign called Idea Bounty. By offering a platform for companies to find fresh and creative marketing campaigns that are likely to be highly effective due to the public's own immersion…
Thursday, 12 February 2009 21:08

Advertising & Marketing Trends for 2009

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{pp}It's human nature to avoid confronting bad news and to imagine that today's troubles will pass more quickly and easily than they really will. I recommend that in terms of marketing, assume the opposite: business conditions will be worse than you actually expect.
{pp}Cape Town, 12 February 2009 – PIC Solutions boosts net return for credit providers by launching innovative new collections product.
Friday, 06 February 2009 15:30

What's YOUR business game plan?

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{pp}Are you a professional or an enthusiastic amateur when it comes to managing and coaching your business team?
Wednesday, 14 January 2009 11:46

PIC Solutions Appoints New CEO

{pp}Cape Town, 14 January 2009 – PIC Solutions has appointed a new Chief Executive Officer, David McAlpin, to replace Stephen J. Leonard who will be moving to Dubai as CEO of PIC Solutions International.
Tuesday, 13 January 2009 18:28

Taking Stock of Christmas Sales

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{pp}In December 2008, the total value of sales concluded on, South Africa’s largest online auction site and marketplace, reached R17.4 million, which represents an increase of 92 percent when compared with the same period last year.

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