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{pp}Small businesses have been gradually migrating the systems of their entrepreneurial-focused companies away from a PC-centric environment, towards a web-based one. SME’s should focus on leveraging the power of the Internet to grow their small businesses.
{pp}“This country’s younger, aspirant black population is just not realising the importance of having good medical cover”, according to Chris Lithole, Director at iChoices, an authorised financial services provider. Research seems to suggest a disregard for healthcare cover and experts predict this could severely affect the financial successes of many…
{pp}With a start up failure rate of up to 80% in South Africa, small businesses need to have a competitive edge in order to survive. takes at look at five key factors contributing to the success of a South African SME.
Thursday, 19 July 2007 04:00

SA first for expectant mothers

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{pp}One of the oldest medical aid schemes in South Africa is also the forerunner in encouraging pregnant women to join their scheme.
{pp}17 July 2007: There are just three days left to nominate extraordinary and inspirational candidates deserving of this year’s Top Women Awards. Running since 2004, the illustrious awards programme champions the significant strides made by both companies and individuals towards gender equality in South Africa.
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 21:05

SA’s transport embraces high-tech solution

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{pp}South African transport companies received a boost last year with the launch of and the phenomenal response to this high-tech transport matchmaker is evidence of the need for technology driven solutions in the highly competitive transport industry.
Wednesday, 11 July 2007 13:17

Get what your small business really needs

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{pp}A site inspired by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.The power of the Internet has advanced in quantum leaps and bounds over the last few years. After estimating its impact on future business operations and realising that most businesses lack the resources of large corporations, we created - an intelligent interactive user-friendly…
{pp}Borrowing money has become a lot more difficult due to the new National Credit Act (NCA) which came into effect last month. Aimed at stamping out unscrupulous micro-lenders, the act stipulates that lenders disclose all the information about the total cost of credit and the interest rates a consumer can…
{pp}Retail price management, or price-fixing as it more commonly known, is rife in South Africa. Large department stores are effectively controlling not only the price of fine perfumes, but where you can actually purchase them.
{pp}Many of us who start a home business do so while we are still working in another job. Our jobs provide us with a risk-free income, covering living expenses and, if we're lucky, for funding at least a portion of our business start-up costs.
{pp}After weeks of intense deliberation, South Africa’s top 100 brightest young students were announced this week by non-profit initiative Brightest Young Minds (BYM). This year’s chosen delegates are to attend a life-changing 7-day conference in Johannesburg. The much anticipated event is aimed at connecting these future SA leaders with each…
{pp}Keeping labour costs down has often been the mantra of large corporates reliant on blue collar workers to bring in their profits. For many years prior to 1994, manual and blue collar workers were denied the rights that many others took for granted. Medical Aid was rarely factored in to…

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