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{pp}South African debtors have nowhere left to hide from SMSs reminding them of their overdue accounts.Until recently, only big business had access to SMS functionality for reminding their clients of overdue accounts and monthly payments. One year ago, DebtHound began offering an affordable scheduled SMS service to SMMEs for the…
{pp}Providing staff with medical aid is a business survival necessity for small businesses,says Cape Medical Plan’s general manager, Charlene Schoeman.
{pp}3D printing is a relatively new technology here in South Africa. Simply put, it’s a physical version of a CAD file – thin slices built one on top of the other using various processes.
{pp}An American company, 3VR Security, who has received a string of accolades since 2005 for developing a new security solution has appointed Pansolutions (Pty) Ltd or better known as Panasonic Business Systems, as their partner for Southern Africa.
{pp}USB-Executive Development (USB-ED), the public training company which forms part of the University of Stellenbosch Business School, recently achieved the exceptional honour of being selected as one of the world’s top business training institutions.
{pp}The news is filled with stories about South Africans seeking to emigrate, however many migrants choose South Africa as a new home and the government is honing in on this.
{pp}While many IT executives take the plunge and start their own businesses, few of them survive beyond the first three years. Two key factors contribute to this phenomenon: firstly, entrepreneurs often do not focus on critical business issues, and secondly they feel isolated and alone
{pp}Well established company in the bond origination industry, Priority Bonds, is expanding its operations. Priority Bonds has opened a new store in Clearwater Mall, Roodepoort, Johannesburg. It is the first time that such a venture has been launched in South Africa. The retail outlet is stylishly fitted out and will…
Friday, 11 April 2008 23:58

Beat your debt, Rand by Rand

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{pp}The website offers information that relates specifically to the South African consumer’s debt standing. Specialised information is available about debt management, debt counselling, debt consolidation, credit card debt and home loans.I am proud to announce the launch of South Africa’s latest personal finance website.
{pp}“Dreaming about our past is easy, rebuilding our future takes imagination” (Author Unknown) 17 km south-east of Citrusdal, surrounded by the Koue Bokkeveld Mountains on the road to Ceres lies Elandskloof, a once thriving community of self sustaining farmers, who became victims of the Apartheid Government’s land dispossession in 1961.…
Wednesday, 19 March 2008 15:22

Big corporates choose small IT innovators

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{pp}Bandwidth Barn tenants are landing contracts with big corporates due to their innovative technology.
{pp}March 15 marks the 26th World Consumer Rights Day promoted by Consumers International. This is an independent and authoritative global voice for consumers with over 220 member organisations in 115 countries. South Africa has two member organisations namely the Office of Consumer Protection, Department of Trade and Industry and the…

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