10 December 2015

Top Toys for the Holidays

Submitted by Veruska D'Onofrio
Top Toys for the Holidays

The Festive Season is upon us with lights and tinsel sparkling at malls and shops. Children are already asking for gifts, but what to buy and why?

Chiquita Patrizi, Prima Toys’ Marketing Executive explains that this festive season a number of toys have made a comeback, there is a wide variety of tech-inspired toys and exciting new brands have been launched.

This Festive Season toys are brighter, better and more engaging than ever before. Bratz dolls are back after their two-year vacation and already they’re making waves on South Africa’s social media platforms. Bratz dolls are always right on trend and this year they boast hipster undercuts, selfie sticks and hashtag earrings. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are still on shelf as they’re a hit with both dads and their sons. They’re the perfect combination of nostalgia toy, action figurine and superhero. Fans can look forward to cooler vehicles and accessories as well as dress-up sets so that they can look like their favourite turtles character.

Little Tikes have filled a gap in the toy market with robust, well-designed toys for toddlers. The toys are perfect for little hands and encourage exploration. There is a wide variety to choose from for toddlers of all ages and stages.

Educational toys have become extremely valuable to both parents and children. LeapFrog has developed an assortment of educational toys for children as young as three to introduce them to numeracy and literacy. Products such as the Leapfrog Talking LapPup combine learning with entertainment, allowing a child to learn as they play.

There is a rising trend and a demand for robotic toys. This year’s robotic toys are smarter, more engaging and more entertaining than ever before. Tekno Kitty and Tekno Puppy are equipped with artificial intelligence and are sensitive to touch and sound. Little Live Pets have brought out robotic, bids, turtles and mice. I-Que is a robot aimed at both adults and kids. And then there’s a personal robot that has certainly set the bar in the industry – the Meccanoid G15 from Meccano. The Meccanoid G15 is a personal robot that stands at 1,2m in height, has a high level of artificial intelligence, responds to voice commands and can be controlled via blue tooth from your smart device. It also boasts LIM (learned intelligence motion) technology.

There are also traditional toys that have been given a modern twist such as the Wave Racers. These cars rely on the speed of the wave of a hand to determine how fast they will go. They’re fast, they’re cool and they’re really fun!

For parents a few words of advice; buy toys that are gender and age-appropriate. There is nothing more frustrating for a child than when she has to try get her hands around something that is too big or too small. The age group is specified on the box and for children to get the most enjoyment out of a toy, it is best to get them a toy that is appropriate to their age. With regards to gender-based toys, girls and boys do play differently and they choose toys differently. Boys like to trade while girls are more brand loyal and collect toys. But the most important thing is to have fun!

This Festive Season’s top toys are available at all good toy retailers and toy stores nationally.

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