14 July 2017

Sugar - our worst enemy.

Submitted by Jenny-lee McDonald
Sugar - our worst enemy.

Arauna Bezuidenhout was the guest speaker at the Hirsch’s Carnival Ladies networking event that was held recently. Her business Bezt Health Wellness and Fitness  studio focuses on how to improve peoples lives for the better. She said that she was addicted to sugar for many years, and after kicking the habit of sugar in coffee and soda’s decided to find out what it does to the body and how she could help others live a more productive life.

Arauna also explained how sugar intake has a direct link with high blood pressure and diabetes. The daily intake  should only 10-15g per day, which is 3 tea spoons of sugar. “Sugar is one of the most addictive substances we put in our body and when we eat it the receptors in our brain that make us feel happy are triggered. That’s why we crave sugar all the time. It takes a long time to teach your body not to crave sugar.” She explained. She encouraged the audience to eat more fruit, as that is the only healthy sugar our body needs. After her talk, she presented the  audience with a goody bag filled with skin repair cream, Magnesium for the bath and a small test to measure the pH of the body. 

Hirsch’s Carnivals ladies networking events always have a wide variety of professional woman and this was no exception.

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