30 June 2018

Share your crime experience in South Africa!!

Submitted by Maki
Share your crime experience in South Africa!!

CrimeNote has now been released, starting from 30 June 2018.

This website simply provides an easy to use interactive platform where information about crime in South Africa can be shared amongst the public.

Why start something like CrimeNote?

When people are describing South Africa, it often includes:“Except for the crime…” or “Security is a problem…”South Africa is full of beauty, both natural and man-made with some of the most beautiful coastlines, mountains, wildlife and floral kingdom in the world.The cuisine is very unique with influences from numerous different cultures and the wine is world class!

BUT when it comes to CRIME, this beauty fades into insignificance.

"We all know how prevalent crime is in South Africa, just look at the statistics.

With CrimeNote, the public will be able to share information, news and warnings about crime all over the country and potentially help others to avoid such incidents.

The idea being that with CrimeNote, we will be able to minimise crime risk and together build a better society in which we can all prosper.

In order to make this service as beneficial and efficient to the public, we welcome any comments or suggestions that you may have