11 May 2022

Qina Jita: Help Me, Help Them Shoe Drive Campaign

Submitted by Faith Nozizwe Mathole
Qina Jita:  Help Me, Help Them Shoe Drive Campaign

Johannesburg, 11 May 2022. Qina Jita launches its first-ever Shoe Drive. The Qina Jita, #HelpMeHelpThem Shoe Drive campaign is a pursuit to make a difference in someone’s life. A pair of shoes might seem like nothing, but it can mean a lot to a child who has nothing. A school shoe is a basic need, but that is not always the case. Society is fixated on complaining about injustices and poverty, but we never rise to the challenge, especially as black people. Qina Jita is taking a stand to do something, and saying that a little person can give will go a long way, all our small contributions will make a huge difference.

Qina Jita is a boys to men movement, that inspires resilience in boys and young men to become better versions of themselves. Qina Jita seeks to engage men holistically in their language, to develop and support them psychologically, socially, industrially, and other areas of importance. As much as Qina Jita is a men’s movement we are not leaving out our sisters, there are many organisations that provide aid to girls, but as Qina Jita we want to foster a healthy mentality of how boys and men see and treat women from an early age to dismantle social and sexist biases and combat gender-based violence through mentorship and relationship.

“I know what it’s like to be in a position of lack, to have torn shoes and still press on. But the most important thing is that now that I am in a better position to help, why not go all out? Men spend so much money on alcohol and pimping their rides, nothing wrong with spending but we are raising awareness to the men and society of this generation of men they can donate or contribute to affect change in someone’s life. We don’t have to wait on the government for everything”, Qina Jita Founder, A.S Moseta.

The former discriminations against women have enabled women to fight a good fight of equality and women empowerment. The government, the private sector and society at large have collectively ensured that doors that were previously closed for women are now open for them. But there now there is no balance, while focusing on women, our sons and brothers are left behind in the industrial, social and psychological planes. Women have so many support groups for every kind of problem, but for men, there are few organisations and movements that are well-positioned to help them. The rise of Qina Jita movements alike, are here to remind men and little boys, that they do not have to die in silence, they still matter and are still needed in society. Qina Jita aims to implement boys' and men empowerment.

 “We are here to be a safe space for men to be men and not feel judged for being human, for having downfalls, weaknesses, and feelings. But we are also, a platform to strengthen men, thus the name Qina Jita, Be Strong my man. “, Moseta said.

The shoe Drive is set to visit four schools in three provinces, namely Gauteng, North-West, and Limpopo. We have a minimum target of giving away 40 school shoes per school along with sanitary towels and toiletries. The Drive starts today on the Founder, Aobakwe Moseta’s 40th Birthday and closes on 31st August 2022. All donations and proceeds will be used to impact the identified schools.

Aobakwe Shadrack Moseta is the Founder of Qina Jita, qualified in Transport & Logistics currently serves as a National GM of a large reputable logistics company in Southern Africa. Among his other roles, Moseta is Speaker, a Mentor, and an active Sports Enthusiast, also serving as the Chairperson of DK Masters, a community football club. Above his passion for transport and logistics, Aobakwe is an advocate for men and is passionate about advancing boys and men holistically and improving their quality of life.

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