30 July 2021

“Let's all help address our country's inequalities” -- Mrs SA contestant

Submitted by Leap Leap
“Let's all help address our country's inequalities” -- Mrs SA contestant

All South Africans should consider identifying and supporting organisations helping redress SA’s glaring socio-economic inequalities, says social activist and Mrs SA semi-finalist, Chane Todd.

In the wake of violence and destruction in parts of KZN and Gauteng which has again highlighted the country’s stark disparities, Todd, 31, expressed her deepest condolences to those affected and urged all South Africans to help rebuild and redress the past.

“Let’s strive for love, compassion, service and empowerment. Let’s work to feed the hungry, to nourish the sick and to empower all our people,” said Todd, a mother and entrepreneur.“

While we address the short-term crisis, let’s support sustainable projects which are helping rebuild and redress the past,” said Todd, whose voluntary work includes helping rural communities access drinking water.

Todd’s been working with Swim For Rivers, a non-commercial organisation (NCO) which highlights SA’s water crisis and raises funds to donate Hippo Rollers to rural families who source water from rivers. The rollers carry 90 litres and can be pulled or pushed, proving temporary relief to many rural women and children who often carry 20 litre buckets of water on their heads over long distances.

“Swim for Rivers’ volunteers give their time and energy free to serve others. Our work has also identified how other hardships like poverty and hunger stalk the most vulnerable,” she said.

“If we’re unable to contribute financially we could consider investing time or skills into organisations doing service. If we all did something sustainable, we not only serve humanity, but we contribute to goodwill, reconstruction, redress and nation building,” she added.