05 July 2021

Introducing SAMSYN - An Online B2B Sourcing Portal For The South African Manufacturing Industry

Submitted by Prabashnee Naidoo

The rising growth of online consumer behaviour has increased the demand for more competitive products. The global competition for manufactured products has made it difficult for many organizations within the South African manufacturing industry to expand their businesses over the last few years. The Coronavirus pandemic has increased the challenge for local B2B companies to reach and meet consumer demand.

The local manufacturing industry must increase the resilience of it supply chains for growth and sustainability and its significant impact on socio-economic conditions. Considering this change in consumer behaviour, local B2B businesses must make a collective and collaborated effort to increase the visibility and accessibility of their products to support efficient and responsiveness of supply chains. SAMSYN is an online sourcing portal launched in July 2021 with a vision to help local companies in the South African manufacturing industry. It is designed for B2B companies to increase their reach through a digitally integrated business network, facilitating a seamless transition to online networking. 

Businesses that can Benefit from SAMSYN

SMBs and conglomerates in the below-listed sectors could maximize their business profits by listing and sourcing their products via SAMSYN: 

  • Raw Material Suppliers
  • Manufacturers
  • Component Manufacturers
  • Assembly Manufacturers
  • Machines and Tool Suppliers
  • Technology Services
  • Logistic Services
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing Support Services
  • Wholesalers
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Services

How does the platform work?

SAMSYN enables South African businesses to advertise their products and services online while sourcing competitive supply from other local businesses. Businesses register on the platform via their email address and password. Businesses will advertise their products and services in the form of a customized online store, to access quality sales leads and access direct sales leads through the sourcing request channel. Businesses will source supply based on real-time prices and offers, increasing the efficiency of their procurement process. All orders, payments and deliveries are made directly between buyers and sellers requiring no operational changes.

Key Benefits Offered by SAMSYN to Sellers

Secure Login: A secure login process is an essential factor that determines the reliability of an online platform or a website. SAMSYN is integrated with a simple and secure login option that enables sellers to safely log in to the platform. 

A Secure and Responsive Website: The platform uses Amazon AWS for security and cloud hosting to prevent unauthorized access to the website. The website’s responsive design ensures that users can access it through personal computers, tablets and smart phones. Samsyn is also POPIA compliant ensuring that all information supplied by users will be secured as per our website privacy policy.

SEO and Social Media Integration: Samsyn provides tools to increase the online searchability of products and services as well as social media integration to increase customer reach.

Zero 3rd Party Fees and Sales Commissions: For many popular marketplaces 3rd party fees, order fulfilment fees, and sales commissions are mandatory and inflate the cost of products. SAMSYN has designed its marketplace platform to enable businesses to sell their products and services at optimum prices to increase profitability.  

Zero Start-up Cost:  While many online marketplaces charge a hefty amount to sellers in the form of start-up cost, SAMSYN does not ask for such charges. In addition to that, SAMSYN offers affordable start-up packages in which sellers get 20% discount on 6-month upfront sign-up and 35% discount on 12-month upfront sign-up.

Unlimited Product / Service Listing: The more listings you offer on a marketplace, the more market segments you can cater to. Many online marketplaces come with policies that restrict sellers from listing multiple products. But that is not the case with SAMSYN. Sellers can list several items on the marketplace as per their comfort and requirements. 

Online Messaging Service : SAMSYN comes with an online messaging feature through which sellers and buyers can interact directly. Users have one online interface to manage multiple queries in real-time enabling efficient decision making. If you’re one of the sellers looking for an online marketplace to sell your locally manufactured products and services in South Africa, it is recommended to opt for SAMSYN. 

Affiliate Program: SAMSYN has comes with an affiliate program that allows sellers to earn credits towards their accounts by referring other sellers. Earnings can accumulate enough to enable sellers to use the SAMSYN’s services free of charge.

About SAMSYN: SAMSYN (stands for “SA Manufacturing Synergy”) is a B-BBEE level one company that recently started its online portal to help businesses in the South African manufacturing industry thrive in this digital era. We are a team of Lean manufacturing engineers, software developers and digital marketers working together to increase the online visibility and accessibility of local B2B businesses.

SAMSYN is an Online Sourcing Portal for businesses within the South African Manufacturing Industry.

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