11 June 2017

Gift from Margaret Hirsch to young entrepreneur.

Submitted by Jenny-lee McDonald
Gift from Margaret Hirsch to young entrepreneur.

Margaret Hirsch surprised a young entrepreneur recently by donating a Whirlpool iXelium 60cm electric oven. Joshua Rushton is a wonderful 18year old who started his Biscotti business with his mother Sharon in their kitchen a month ago and it has taken off. So much so that they needed a new oven. 

Joshua’s parents John and Sharon had to come up with a plan to help their son who has down syndrome to get an income now that his school career is over. So they decided to help Joshua by teaching him how to make Biscotti and “Joshi Biscotti” was born out of the kitchen of the Rushton family home. Joshua has always wanted to be a chef like his brother, but wanted to learn how to bake and now he is the baker in the family. They make the biscotti in the family kitchen till late at night and that is when Sharon decided they needed a new oven for their cottage so that Joshua can keep up with the demand. Sharon decided to contact Margaret Hirsch to find out about getting a new stove. Sharon said “I contacted Margaret Hirsch and explained what we needed and she contacted me to tell me that our new stove will be here shortly. Thank you Margaret for helping a young entrepreneur like Joshua”

John said “Our aim is to not only help Joshua but also give employment to someone else with down syndrome. There isn’t a lot of work for youngsters like Joshua and it has been wonderful how the people have supported us and Joshua” Joshi Biscotti has delicious flavours. Almond; Cherry Almond; Choc Almond; Choc Orange; Black Forest; Lavender Bloom; Cranberry and White Chocolate. Joshua loves dogs and decided he wanted to make some for their 3 Rottweilers as well. So for the fur babies there is Doggi Biscotti. Bacon flavoured and they love it. 

Hirsch’s wished Joshua and his family lots of happy baking with their new stove. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to order some Joshi Biscotti.