20 August 2019

FNB Stadium to Host 2019 International Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Submitted by David Pooe

JOHANNESBURG - September, 2019 - One of the largest global conventions in 2019, spanning six continents and over 200 countries and presented in over 400 languages, will be coming to Johannesburg on September 6-8. Beginning in August 2019, Jehovah’s Witnesses will host a global series of three-day conventions featuring the theme “Love Never Fails.” The anticipated attendance of 65,000 at FNB Stadium will include over 6,000 international delegates coming from over 21 countries. This international delegation will participate in several preplanned activities in Johannesburg, culminating in the three-day convention.

“This event will illustrate the positive influence that love can have to bring people together from diverse backgrounds,” explains Paul Gillies, International Spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses. “It will also showcase the positive characteristics of each of the 22 cities that were selected to host the many international delegates who will be attending.” In addition to enjoying the three-day public program, which will include Bible-based talks, demonstrations, and educational audio and video presentations, the international delegates will spend one week visiting many of the local attractions and sampling the unique offerings of Johannesburg.

“It is a win-win situation,” states Siphiwe Mkwanazi, a local representative for Jehovah’s Witnesses in Gauteng. “Local Jehovah’s Witnesses get an opportunity to meet and enjoy association with their fellow Witnesses from around the world, and the community here in Johannesburg is happy to accommodate the influx of international visitors at the many local cafés, restaurants, hotels, and popular tourist destinations.”

In addition to hosting special international conventions in selected cities during 2019, Jehovah’s Witnesses will be inviting the public to attend the same program at 18 regional locations throughout South Africa. Times and locations for these events can be found on their official website, jw.org.

Johannesburg International Convention Quick Facts

Date: September 6-8, 2019
Venue: FNB Stadium
Projected Attendance: 65,000
Program Languages: English, Sesotho, Zulu
Number of International Delegates: 6,000
Delegate Countries Represented: 21

Convention Program Highlights. A unique feature of this international convention is that it will be presented in three languages, English, Sesotho and Zulu. The convention program will examine how Bible principles help people in practical ways. The Friday program will address how love can help people surmount obstacles such as a troubled upbringing, chronic illness, or poverty. Saturday’s program will consider how Bible principles help husbands, wives, and children to show love for one another. Sunday’s program will include a public Bible discourse entitled “True Love in a Hate-Filled World—Where?” that will address overcoming prejudice and hatred. Conventions of Jehovah’s Witness are free to the public; no collections are taken.

2018 Statistics about Jehovah’s Witnesses 

8,579,909: Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide
240: Lands where Jehovah’s Witnesses worship
119,954: Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide
20,329,317: Peak attendance at meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide
975: Languages featured on jw.org, the official website of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Local Media Contact
Siphiwe Mkwanazi
Local Spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 082 907 6722