08 February 2022

Donating school shoes to the underprivileged

Submitted by Sibabalwe Sesmani
Donating school shoes to the underprivileged

7 million school children in Africa walk to school each day without shoes.

South Africa, February 2022

As millions of South African children go back to school, many are met with challenges that have been heightened by the Covid pandemic. Many working adults have been retrenched or have remained unemployed. The education system in South Africa, even though it produces many bright stars, has serious financial constraints. The United Nations Sustainable Goal Number 4 is to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.  This remains an issue in South Africa as inequality across the educational system still hampers the achievement of this goal. 

For a child, access to schools and other educational facilities means an opportunity to achieve their dreams. To take pride in one’s self and improve their current circumstances. In under privileged and rural areas, the location of the schools can create a challenge for learners who need to cover vast distances to attend.  This is further hampered by transport that is either unavailable or unaffordable. The reality is, that in these remote areas most children walk to school, and in several cases, barefoot.

Lion Match Products has taken it upon themselves to try and assist with this need and has found a way to provide the most affected schools with Brand New School shoes for their learners. This will be done by Lion Match Products donating 20 cents from every specially marked tin of Lion Quality Shoe Polish that is sold, to fund the purchase of new school shoes for the children. In this way, we believe that it will instil pride in the learners who are striving to build the foundation for a successful future for their family and themselves. 

The Lion Match Company are excited to be a part of helping school children to get to and from school a little easier. Allowing them to take pride in themselves and assisting them on their journey to achieve their goals.

“The Lion Match Company are wanting to make a significant impact, one child, one school and one pair of shoes at a time, restoring hope and dignity to under privileged children in South Africa.” – Lion Match Products representative 


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