01 September 2017

Dealing with Unconscious Risk within your Business

Submitted by Letitia
Dealing with Unconscious Risk within your Business

Entrepreneurs within the community recently gathered at Hirsch Meadowdale’s Business Networking Morning to listen to Sharon Sinclair’s talk on “Dealing with unconscious risk within your Business.” 

With over 22 years of experience within Corporate, Executive levels – HR, Recruitment & Contract Staffing, Labour Law, Financial Management, it gave Sharon the opportunity to explore & understand how people operate on an emotional, mental & physical level.  Sharon’s purpose & desire is to assist people to overcome any non-serving belief they may have about themselves & to assist them to create & live the life they were born to live.

What are the risks your business faces?  Lack of staff buy in? Lack of honesty, loyalty & integrity? Conflict? Profit? No growth? Economy? Dying brand? Your unconscious mind?

Business Alignment is a strategic transformational process, igniting passion & focus, aligning business owner & business, accessing hidden potential to enable greater long term results.

Sharon said: “As humans have a heart, so does a business and a business with a heartbeat any less than a 100% means that it’s not reaching its full productivity. Through Business Alignment you as an owner can recreate not only your heartbeat but the heartbeat of your business as well.  It is important to focus daily.  Create new positive thoughts for yourself, change the circle of your influence, prepare a vision board and set up goals for yourself and your business.” 

After Sharon’s talk each of the networkers were given the opportunity to present themselves and their business in a 30-second ‘elevator pitch ’, followed by some lucky draws, networking, sharing of business cards and enjoying some refreshments.

If you would like to know more about business alignment or join Hirsch’s Networking Mornings contact Letitia Haywood on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.