13 December 2021

Clean Your Closet campaign, donate your old unwanted clothes to charity.

Submitted by Michael Nkosi
Clean Your Closet campaign, donate your old unwanted clothes to charity.

Coming from a previously disadvantaged background and the current impact of the global pandemic, the poverty rate has increased dramatically over the past year or so.

Sechaba Lefatse a Non-Profit organisation based in Pretoria, has taken the initiative in helping the needy homeless, women and children whom which have become victims of gender based violence. 

Sechaba Lefatse is Seeking donations of any old unwanted clothing. The organization will then take these clothes received from donors and give away to the homeless and shelters of gender based violence. The organisation will also take some of the donated items and sell in remote poor areas at relatively low prices as a means of fundraising for the organisation. 

Sechaba Lefatse has recently received a donation from capital media worth R82 000 for advertising space and the campaign has indeed helped us in helping the needy.

The organisation would now like spread its wings across the country and enhance the spirit of giving to the masses. Sechaba Lefatse believe in "Giving to receive or Receiving to give" let's all work together in bringing about change to our societies. 

Sechaba Lefatse

Sechaba Lefatse is a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide changes with communities across the country. Through our humanitarian causes, we clearly understand that in our society we need to be giving to receive or receiving to give. All our campaigns are operated upon this methodology.