19 August 2015

Casual Day backs the Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development

Submitted by MyPressportal Team

Casual Day has welcomed on board the Association for Hearing Loss Accessibility and Development (AHLAD), a newly formed Cape Town organisation that promotes the interests and rights of persons with hearing loss. Casual Day is celebrated on Friday, 4 September 2015.

AHLAD will be raising sticker donations through the Casual Day infrastructure to support their work in the community. AHLAD chairperson Michele Tonks says: “We are happy to join the Casual Day family and join hands with such a reputable brand. The donations coming from generous citizens will go towards eradicating the barriers that prevent persons with hearing loss from fully participating in life.”

In South Africa, about 7.5% of school-going children have varying degrees of hearing loss, and approximately one-third of persons older than 65 are affected by disabling hearing loss.

Casual Day ambassador, Simone Botha, was born profoundly deaf, but was the recipient of a cochlear implant when she was just 22-months-old. A graduate of the University of Cape Town (UCT) Ballet School and a member of the executive committee of AHLAD says: “I was lucky enough to have the benefit of this technology and I want others to have it too.”

She is a professional ballet dancer and she recently got a group of ballet dancers rehearsing for a show at UCT Ballet School to 'spring into action' for Casual Day. She says: “This is a wonderful way for the entire country to show their support for persons with disabilities. We would love to see everyone use their imagination in interpreting the theme.”

Continues Tonks, also the mother of a hearing impaired daughter: “There has been a lot of progress in cochlear implant and hearing aid technology – and we would like this information to be more widely known. Our work is not only about supporting persons with hearing loss to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community, but also about lobbying at various levels for subtitles on television programmes, SMS services from companies providing emergency and medical services, and prevention of occurrence of deafness."

The AHLAD is also a strong lobby group working behind the scenes to change policy, both at government level and within the disability community. The organisation was recently instrumental in getting the South African Disability Alliance (SADA) to accept a proposal regarding the freedom of choice (for all persons with hearing loss). 

“From now on the interests of all who are Deaf and hard of hearing and using a signed language as well as persons who are deaf or hearing impaired but use other means of communication, will be equally recognised and protected," says Tonks.

Concludes Tonks: “This is a huge leap for us in the battle to put hearing impairment on the agenda. Most people rub shoulders with hearing impairment in their day to day lives, so let us all stand together to create a more accessible and nurturing society. We are a group of passionate volunteers and we need the support of the community to do our work. So Spring into Action for Casual Day, on Friday, 4 September.”

Casual Day ambassador Jabulile Ngwenya was also born deaf, but only received her cochlear implant as an adult. “Having a wider range of tools for communication has made the world of difference to me as a writer.”

For more information, visit the AHLAD websiteor email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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