10 February 2016

Aquila’s Orphan Rhino has a Name!

Submitted by MyPressportal Team

The rhino calf born and abandoned by its Mother on New Years eve at Aquila Private Game Reserve has been named by the public. A sms competition was held where members of the public were able to suggest names. A short list of 6 names were selected and the public was asked to vote for their favourite.

The favourite name, “Osita”, is of Nigerian (Igbo) origin and means “from today onwards it will be better”. And it certainly is for this little fellow, now weighing over 100kgs and gulping down over 20 litres of Equine milk formula every day at 3 hourly feeds, he is strong, boisterous, mischievous and inquisitive and in the words of his carer, Divan Grobler, “he walks to the beat of his own drum”.

The rhino goes on two hour walks in the afternoon and shorter walks during the mornings. He is being prepared to be moved to a larger boma and to meet his new animal companion. Guests visiting Aquila are taken past his Boma on game drives and if not sleeping, can be seen enjoying a mud bath, pushing his carer around or having a feed.

Entrants that nominated the selected names, each won a day trip safari for their family and the overall winner has won an overnight stay for their family. An informal naming ceremony will be held at the reserve on Valentine’s day at9.30am.