10 December 2021

Pest Control Products | Residential and Commercial Solutions

Submitted by Chemarin Rabe
Pest Control Products | Residential and Commercial Solutions

Pesticides can be defined as substances used to control and eradicate forms of plant or animal life that are considered to be pests. This targeted response is often directed toward crawling and flying insects, rodents, alien invasive plants and other organisms found in natural environments such as weeds.

With 22 years of experience in structural pest control, general hygiene and food safety, Henchem has the expertise to offer an innovative range of solutions. We supply highly specialised chemical and natural pest control products, innovative application equipment and personal protective equipment. 

More about Henchem

We take pride in providing consumers with pest control solutions tailored to their pest management challenges and offer comprehensive assistance from start to finish. Our clients can feel confident in approaching our team for a comprehensive solution that includes the assessment of their unique circumstances. When assisting our clients with determining the best course for their vegetation management or pest control strategy, our team considers several factors to provide the best possible technical advice.

The main factors in this process include:

  • Unique environmental conditions
  • Site-specific conditions
  • Expected outcomes
  • Possible financial implications

Our products include

  • Vegetation Management
  • Public Health Pest Control
  • Hygiene and Disinfectants
  • Equipment and PPE

We are industry experts

Henchem is a large and well-known vegetation management contractor in South Africa. We specialise in complex application methods like CDA and provide a comprehensive range of turfgrass management, bush control, water system treatment and industrial weed elimination services.

Furthermore, we are an accredited training service provider. We can assist in equipping learners with the necessary skills, knowledge and aptitude to ensure the responsible application of various herbicides.

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